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An estoc is a one-handed edged weapon that is a unique type of sword. It has a blade with a triangular shaped cross-section specifically designed for thrusting. As armor developed, it was noted that slashing weapons were losing more and more of their effectiveness. The estoc was developed to split the rings of chainmail or ringmail or to attack the seams of armor where protection was weak or non-existant.

The estoc has no cutting edge and is used only as a thrusting weapon. The length of an estoc usually ranges between four and a half to little over five feet. The rapier is said to have developed from the estoc.

Apart from the blade, the estoc is similar to most other swords in construction.

Alternate Names

  • koncerz

Game Mechanics

The estoc is wielded one-handed and requires training in the edged weapons skill to use effectively. The potential damage from the estoc is about average when compared to other edged weapons.

Weapon AG Cloth Leather Scale Chain Plate RT Min RT Damage Type STR/DU
AsG 1 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Estoc DF .425 .300 .200 .200 .150 4 4 Slash/Puncture 65/160
AvD 36 38 37 36 35 35 33 31 29 40 36 32 28 30 24 18 12

The standard estoc has a weight of 4 lbs.

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