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a blocky grey oak wagon, Lich #287, go wagon

[A Blocky Grey Oak Wagon]
Iron fixtures secure glass-shaded lanterns to the wagon's walls, while mounted displays hold a variety of decorative weaponry for inspection. Beneath the displays are illustrations of techniques of use and proper form as well as general forging information of note. On the opposite side of the wagon is a heavy weapon rack with a glass-topped ebonwood case resting atop it along with a door that leads outside.
These weapons possess exquisite balance and can be further enhanced by experienced weaponsmiths.

(Siolan weapons)

In the glass-topped ebonwood case you see:

a matte cerulean vaalorn spike with an argent satin-wrapped hilt dagger 12000
a petite mithglin bodice dagger with a polished white pearl hilt dagger 10000
a variegated imflass stiletto with a textured opal pommel dagger 6000
a double-edged faenor dagger with a carved bloodstone grip dagger 5000

On the heavy weapon rack you see:

a barb-tipped dark grey ora lance with a rounded shield guard lance 30000
a razored black vultite whip-blade with crescent cutouts whip-blade 55000
a swept-blade dark invar backsword with a silver-inset handguard backsword 7500
a dark crimson ora flamberge with a gilded wyvern-styled hilt flamberge 30000
an engraved mithril broadsword with a subtly rippled blade broadsword 10000
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