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a fabric-walled wood frame stall, [North Ring Road], Lich #287

[Blooms, Strings, and Things]
The fabric walls of this small stall are only loosely tied to its wooden frame, the vibrantly hued material rustling with even the slightest breeze. A short, three-legged table sits in the middle of this area, with a small tin bucket atop it, and a tall willow flower basket sits directly beside it. You also see a BIG sign.
Obvious exits: east, out

In the Common language, it reads:

Welcome and enjoy my weaveables!

In the tin bucket: [100 silver]
A stem of soft coral dianthus
A pink-tinged snow white windflower
A long stalk of deep red sourweed
A sprig of pale pink honeysuckle
A stalk of dark purple statice
A tiny purple-stroked iris
A buttery yellow primrose
A dusky blush cosmos
A twig of mauve wax flower
A twig of silverbell flowers
A sprig of white star jasmine

In the flower basket: [100 silver]
An ivory-swept dark peach peony
A white gold-throated plumeria
A purple-tinged powder blue bellflower
A short-stemmed dark blue cornflower
A velvety wood violet
A stalk of fuschia hyacinth
A vibrant pink hollyhock
A delicate blue-violet larkspur
A dark lavender lisianthus blossom
A stalk of mountain laurel
A wispy red sweet pea


[Blooms, Strings, and Things]
This section of the stall is completely enclosed in brightly hued fabric save the passage that leads to the front of the shop. Along the back wall, a narrow counter occupies the space between two wooden supports, and a squat clear glass jar and a smooth clear glass dish share the display area.
Obvious exits: west

In the clear glass jar: [100 silver]
Some deep sea blue cotton string
Some thick bronzed copper string
Some vibrant lime green string
Some pastel multi-hued string
Some silky autumnal-hued string
Some sand-hued twisted linen string
Some stiff tobacco brown string
Some twisted ruby and gold string
Some fuzzy swan white string
Some red-violet cotton string
A pale zephyr blue silk ribbon
A lagoon teal silk ribbon
A sunset-hued satin ribbon
A celestial violet cotton ribbon
An eclipse black velvet ribbon
A silver-swept clover green ribbon
A cranberry watered silk ribbon
A bourbon-hued marbrinus ribbon
A cobalt-edged pale ivory silk ribbon
A bright aurora green satin ribbon

In the clear glass dish: [100 silver]
A tiny yellow sapphire bee
A tiny crimson blazestar heart
A tiny violet feystone butterfly
A tiny green amber leaf
A thin tigereye disc
A tiny ivory dagger
A tiny smoky quartz dove
A tiny lapis crescent
A tiny obsidian star
A tiny blue sapphire orb
A tiny white opal cube
A tiny dark garnet sphere
A tiny golden citrine firefly
A tiny green chrysoprase dragonfly

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