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a tiny cedar-plank house lofted on four golden wheels, [North Ring Road], Lich #267

[Caravan Consignments]
Natural pine encloses this compact space, from vaulted ceiling to rough polished floor. A row of paned windows, set above a long brushed steel counter, makes up the full length of one wall. Opposite the counter stands a small table, with two benches placed on either side affording a comfortable place to sit. A narrow red door, flanked by a pair of tall cubbyholes, leads back to the world outside, while a golden oak arch on the other side of the room beckons customers to a small alcove in the back. You also see a sturdy steel-rung pine ladder.
Obvious exits: none

On the brushed steel counter:
A cream linen pouch traced with copper thread (10,000 silver)
A hammered bronze and beveled glass display case

In the glass display case: [Go in hair description, PUSH gem into head gear]
A chain-draped gilt and patina circlet [50,000 silver]
A layered tonal ivory filigree headband [50,000 silver]
A dark wire and silver cresent diadem [50,000 silver]
A snow and pale ice blue sapphire [5,000 silver]
A faceted black cherry garnet [5,000 silver]
A vert-banded mint green malachite [5,000 silver]
An ivory-veined sanguine red sardonyx [5,000 silver]
A thorn of grey-coiled jet [5,000 silver]
A reflective night blue feystone [5,000 silver]
An oval wine-haloed amethyst [5,000 silver]
A teardrop of smooth honey amber [5,000 silver]

In the tall cubbyholes: [Scripted: Tap, Wave, Point]
A bone white faewood runestaff capped with an onyx orb [100,000 silver]
A blackened steel lance with a bone white faewood haft [75,000 silver]
A bone white faewood quarter staff banded with polished onyx [50,000 silver]
A golden kakore runestaff capped with a polished drakar orb [Fire flares, 350,000 silver]
A red-flecked drakar lance with a golden kakore haft [200,000 silver]
A golden kakore quarter staff banded with red-flecked drakar [100,000 silver]
A pallid mossbark runestaff capped with a pitted faenor orb [Acid flares, 350,000 silver]
A verdigris faenor lance with a pallid mossbark haft [200,000 silver]
A pallid mossbark quarter staff banded with verdigris faenor [100,000 silver]
A pale rowan runestaff capped with a perforated mithglin orb [Lightning flares, 350,000 silver]
An ebon-veined mithglin lance with a pale rowan haft [200,000 silver]
A pale rowan quarter staff banded with ebon-veined mithglin [100,000 silver]
A silvered orase runestaff capped with a frosted rhimar orb [Ice flares, 350,000 silver]
An ice blue rhimar lance with a silvered orase haft [200,000 silver]
A silvered orase quarter staff banded with ice blue rhimar [100,000 silver]

On the small table you see a powdered sugar dusted confection, a jam-filled shortbread tartlet, a salmon and cream cheese canape and a thick wedge of rustic herbed bread.

[Caravan Consignments, Alcove]
Serving a dual purpose, this little alcove offers a small amount of respite from the flurry of activity in the main room. Tucked in one corner, a porcelain washbasin perched on a gold pedestal rests near a white cotton cloth on a small, brushed steel hook and a cedar waste bin. Hung above the basin, a vaalin-framed oval mirror allows for a moment of vanity. Reflected in the mirror's polished surface is a tall closet that stands just inside the golden oak arch framing the view of the room outside.
Obvious exits: none

In the tall closet: A columnar honeycomb ivory linen bag [25,000 silver]
A blackworked mint green silk pouch [15,000 silver]
A black-on-white floral patterned damask satchel [25,000 silver]
A muted blue velvet prayer rug with vaalin-stitched edges [25,000 silver]
A silk meditation mat of concentric black and silver squares [25,000 silver]
An octagonal ebon tourmaline wand with faintly incised runes [9000 silver] [Phase]
A large pristine white vial of pure potion [36,000 silver] [20 sips]

[Caravan Consignments, Loft]
Here, in the quiet space above the main room, the vaulted ceiling forms sloping walls that cradle the small loft in a comforting embrace. A thick bedroll, with a pile of pillows shoved against a row of overturned crates that serves as a makeshift headboard on one end and a mass of rumpled blankets on the other, lies nestled in this cozy nook. Running the length of the platform's outside edge, interrupted only by a gap for a sturdy steel-rung ladder, a low wooden railing protects against unwanted tumbles.
Obvious exits: none

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