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a midnight black tent, [North Ring Road], Lich #268, go tent

[Doom and Broom]
Clusters of cobwebs in corners of the tent glisten faintly from the flickering light cast on them by segmented bone candlebras positioned about the area. The black cloth walls of the pavilion seem to flap with the slightest breeze, shifting about like liquid shadows. A pale eyeless half-elf stands behind a bone-inlaid counter, idly whittling away at a broomstick handle. Along another wall sits some large ebony barrels.
Obvious exits: out

On the counter you see:

a polished brass scrying bowl 25000
a silver-lined scrying bowl 25000
a sanguine crystal scrying bowl 25000
a lustrous white scrying bowl 25000
a sea blue glass scrying bowl 25000
a hammered brass scrying bowl 25000
a bright silver scrying bowl 25000
black crystal scrying bowl 25000
a glossy brass scrying bowl 25000
a gleaming silver scrying bowl 25000

In the barrels you see:

a gnarled ironwood broomstick 35000
a crooked ebony broomstick 35000
a twisted maoral broomstick 35000
a sleek black modwir broomstick 35000
a slender white kakore broomstick 35000
a blood red carmiln broomstick 35000
a notched rowan broomstick 35000
a bluish-black mossbark broomstick 35000
a bone-inlaid wooden broomstick 35000

In the bloodstained oak cabinet you see:

a glass leech-filled jar 2500
a stained steel bone saw 500
a bleached jagged bone pendant 15000
a polished skull-shaped blood marble pendant 125000
a polished silver claw pendant 15000
a bloodstained obsidian pendant 15000
a bone-lined collection bag Pocketed: Small (5-7)
several items
a pair of small iron tweezers 500
a set of metal calipers 500
a bloodstained dark leather journal 50000
a worn black leather spellbook 50000
a dusty grey leather tome 50000
a slender black ledger 50000
a black deck of cards 30000
a bloodstained deck of cards 30000
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