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a rustic wooden plank wagon with a gently peaked slate-shingled roof, [North Ring Road], Lich #281

[Felthrop's Wagon]
Roughly hewn wooden walls encapsulate the room, their surfaces chipped and scratched from countless impacts with the weapons hanging from the hooks in the sloped ceiling. A curtain of faded red velvet serves to separate the shop from the backroom, its matted surface hanging all the way to the floor. Resting beside the door leading back outside is a low oak table, while a dented footlocker stands opposite.
Obvious exits: none

On the metal hooks:
A flame red steel chakram studded with chips of fire opal [1,200 silver]
A razor-edged grey steel chakram etched with lightning bolts [1,200 silver]
A viridian imflass morning star etched with a scrawny tree [52,000 silver]
An ebon-hued vultite morning star etched with crescent moons [160,000 silver]
A circular sienna steel chakram incised with dwarven runes [1,200 silver]
A blued steel chakram inlaid with water sapphires [1,200 silver]

On the oak table:
A green villswood short bow inlaid with delicate malachite vines [25,00 silver]
A polished dark orase runestaff wrapped with shredded black ribbons [125,000 silver]
A twisted golden mesille runestaff inlaid with veins of obsidian [70,000 silver]
A gnarled villswood runestaff inlaid with jade leaves [110,000 silver]
A darkly varnished mossbark long bow with carved finger-grooves [25,000 silver]
A feather-carved ruic long bow with a taut catgut string [40,000 silver]
A long silvery faewood runestaff capped with a diamond orb [125,000 silver]
A feather-carved ruic long bow with a taut catgut string [40,000 silver]

In the metal footlocker:
A stylized vultite yierka-spur with needle-sharp tips [45,000 silver]
A heavy leather blackjack studded with imflass shards [30,000 silver]
A hunter green ora troll-claw with pale yellow blades [23,000 silver]
A sunny yellow vultite troll-claw edged with gold [65,000 silver]


[Felthrop's Wagon, Backroom]
The only light in this room emanates from a weak oil lantern resting on a three-legged table near the back corner. The scent of leather, oil, and dust fills the room, along with thousands of dimly illuminated dust motes that hang suspended in the stagnant air, only moving when a breeze sweeps through the room from the faded red velvet curtain that leads back outside. A bedroll rests on the floor to one side, its rumpled surface testament to its frequent use.
Obvious exits: none

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