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a burnt banyan wood cart, [North Ring Road], Lich #268

[Wehnimer's, North Ring Rd.]
The west river guardtower looms overhead, marking the end of the road just to the east. Most of the people passing by here are in uniforms of the various divisions of the town's guards or militia, and even the businesses on the south side of the street seem to cater almost exclusively to military types. You also see a burnt banyan wood cart with some stuff on it, a long winding pathway bordered by skeleton pinatas hanging from twisted tree branches, a midnight black tent and an elegant white brick building.
Obvious exits: east, west
Delightful and delicious treats await you when you buy from this cart:
Hearts = Strength
Fingers = Lock Pick Enhancement
Brains = Mystic Focus
Eyeballs = Presence
The jars are made to hold these, as well as the additional eyeballs (with Eye Spy) and tongues (with Whispering Willow) that I will be distributing on Feastday.
Use at your own risk.  No refunds.

On the burnt banyan wood cart you see:

a mottled pink mucus-infested jar holds magic body parts 10000
a blackish cruor-lined jar
a rotted bloodshot eyeball Presence (402) 3000
a rotted maggot-infested brain Mystic Focus (1711) 12000
a rotted scab-encrusted finger Lock Pick Enhancement (403) 3400
a rotted pallid white heart Strength (509) 8500
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