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a massive mahogany wagon with a violet and red-striped side canopy, [North Ring Road], Lich #280

[The Lapidary]
The wagon's interior walls bear a high gloss resultant of meticulous polishing and attentive care. Luminous brass lanterns hang from the heavy struts overhead, shedding a warm amber light perfumed with vanilla in pools across the area. Opposite the entry, a tall chest sits, and one of its drawers has been left open, with a small parchment note hanging from its golden pull. Against a side wall is a rack that stands across from a full-length brass-framed mirror, and between the two is a door leading out.
Obvious exits: north

In the Common language, it reads:

All of the jewelry in this wagon is imbeddable.

In the pale oak drawer: [15,000 silver]
Some kelyn-linked armbands of slender onyx discs
A pair of silver-linked armbands with an interlocking feystone clasp
A sinuous onyx and kelyn band accented by scarlet despanals.
A latticed silverwork band set with alexandrite chips

[10,000 silver]
A slender sanguine leather case with a kelyn latch, MA
A soot-whorled lavender marbrinus case with a silver latch, MA

On the ashwood rack [15,000 silver]
An ebon-on violet brocade satchel with a dark feystone clasp, MA
A rich oxblood suede satchel with raised black embroidery, MA

[20,000 silver]
An inky-hued crushed velvet cloak edged with lilac blossoms, VLA
An ebon damask cloak trimmed with whorls of crimson filament, VLA


[The Lapidary]
A pair of lanterns with cut crystal shades hang directly over a delicately carved jewelry stand, the pristine light dancing over every reflective surface under its touch. Further into the area, a doorless golden oak armoire stands off to the side - a hulking piece of furniture itself, it is dwarfed by the high ceilings of wagon. Near the armoire, sits a tiered shoe rack, and just a few steps away, a drawn ivory marbrinus curtain leads into another section of the shop.
Obvious exits: south

On the carved jewelry stand: [10,000 silver]
A thin silver lariat necklace set with a flawless feystone
A black ribbon necklace dangling a rough-cut despanal
Some triple-strand onyx-beaded earrings tipped with despanals

In the golden oak armoire: [10,000 silver]
An ebon-hazed crimson satin bodice wit hblack ribbon lacing
A jet velvet bodice inset with floral violet satin
A full-length roseate chemise with ebon lace-banded sleeves
A full-length silver-threaded chemise with bell sleeves

On the shoe rack: [5,000 silver]
Some ink-hued satin slippers with metallic lavender embroidery
A pair of ebon velvet slippers with subtle scarlet threading
Some lavender watered silk slippers with ebonwood wedge heels
A pair of cerise marbrinus slippers with onyx-beaded toes


[The Lapidary, Workshop]
The oversized scale of the wagon persists even in this section of the wagon, clearly the front most compartment set just beneath the driver's bench. Scalloped swags of beaded silk fringe decorate the step-cut ceiling at the far end, while a profusion of brass lanterns hang overhead to provide copious amounts of light. Along the outer edge of the space, several small sofas and chairs have been placed, while an oval table occupies the heart of the area. You also see a pale gold parchment sign.
Obvious exits: none

In the Common language, it reads:

~ * Thank you for shopping at The Lapidary * ~

Here in my workshop I can customize jewelry of all sorts, as well as clothing. I'm sorry, but I do not work on weaponry or armor.

On the oval table you see a velvet-lined display box.

In the display box you see a variety of gemstones.

This small collection of gemstones contains nearly every color and cut imaginable: from the deepest violet to the brightest yellow, in cuts as simple as a cabochon to as complex as a trillion. Exquisite examples of feystone, blue diamond, and alexandrite rest near the top edge of the display, while smaller, though still as remarkable, pieces of sapphire, peridot, and garnet sit near the bottom.