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a battered umber-shrouded ship, [North Dock], Lich #250

[Parlay's Parlour]
The wooden ceiling slopes somewhat here, causing the room to shrink slightly towards a long wooden counter. Positioned around the room are a number of mannequins, many of them displaying old cuts or having crooked limbs. A series of rusted hooks jut out from a wall, and a small cigar stand rests near the arched doorway.
Obvious exits: none

On the wooden counter you see:

a chipped silver coin 8,000
a salt-stained gold coin 8,000
a stamped bright red coin 8,000
a blue-grey toy krolvin pirate 6,000
a snarling toy arctic hound 6,000
a smiling toy halfling swashbuckler 6,000
a red-shrouded black toy warship 6,000
an umber-hued toy pirate ship 6,000
a huge blue-grey toy crab 6,000
a silver-haired toy Nalfein rogue 6,000

On the mannequins you see:

a tri-cornered dark blue hat 2,000
a tri-cornered deep black hat 2,000
a tri-cornered dark brown hat 2,000
a tri-cornered blood red hat 2,000
a ruby-studded black eyepatch 6,000
an opal-studded black eyepatch 6,000
a frayed black cotton eyepatch 6,000
an old blood-staned eyepatch 6,000
a bright red toy parrot 5,000
a one-eyed green toy parrot 5,000
a silver and white toy parrot 5,000
a gaunt toy zombie parrot 5,000

On the rusted hooks you see:

some fancy navy blue suspenders 10,000
some bright yellow cotton suspenders 10,000
some thin red leather suspenders 10,000
some thick black suspenders 10,000

On the cigar stand you see:

a thick storm grey cigar 2,000
a fat brown cigar 2,000
a small silvery cigar 2,000
a stout reddish-orange cigar 2,000
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