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a tall dark green canvas tent, [North Ring Road], Lich #225

[Stiletto's Stash, Entry]
Tall sturdy posts raise the ceiling high above the tallest giantman while wide stretches of canvas make up the walls of this tent. A short weapon rack rests near a series of crude wooden stools which face a low glass-topped counter. The slight aroma of smoked boar drifts through a dark green curtain.
Obvious exits: out

On the glass-topped counter:
A slim gold-traced beheading sword [104,000 silver]
A scuffed hoarbeam siege crossbow [41,000 silver]
A chipped silvery vultite skull-crusher [51,500 silver]
A stout grey mithril spikestar [5,700 silver]
A razor-sharp drakar limb-cleaver [6,000 silver]
A blood red vultite executioner's axe [51,500 silver]
A blood-stained mithril chest-ripper [8,700 silver]
A dark whorled blue vultite knee-breaker [52,000 silver]

On the weapon rack:
A gnarled leather wrapped villswood crook [106,000 silver]
A bright white zorchar talon sword [8,300 silver]
A troll bone-hilted imflass dirk [3,000 silver]
A sleek black mithglin warsword [45,000 silver]
A gleaming rhimar-edged pit knife [3,000 silver]
A notched dark green mesille bow [15,250 silver]
A leather-wrapped dark imflass harpoon [5,000 silver]


[Stiletto's Stash, Workshop]
Multi-colored bins occupy an entire corner of this backroom, each container filled to the brim with various wooden handles and weapon adornments. A small wooden table rests in the middle of the room, its surface covered with metal shavings and old paint stains. A gnarled oak stand holds a number of questionable refreshments. You also see a dark green curtain.
Obvious exits: none