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a patchwork tent, [North Ring Road], Lich #224

[Twiddley's Things, Showroom]
The smell of earth and loam pervades the interior of the patched canvas tent. In the middle of the leaf-strewn dirt floor rests a cloth-covered crate. Deep shadows fill the corners of the room, cast by the feeble light of melting candles sitting atop a makeshift wooden counter that spans the back of the area. A rough wool blanket partitions off the rest of the tent.
Obvious exits: out

On the cloth-covered crate: [Lockpicks]
A mithril spoon with a sharpened handle [6,000 silver]
A broken ora fork [7,500 silver]
A bent glaes butter knife [10,000 silver]

Behind the cloth-covered crate you see a pile of branches.

In the pile of branches: [Lockpicks]
A notched rowan stick [100,000 silver]
A whittled modwir sprig [75,000 silver]
A hoarbeam twig [125,000 silver]

On the wooden counter: [Pocketed]
A rough leather wrist cuff, VSA [7,500 silver]
A scuffed leather knapsack, MA [10,000 silver]
A studded black cuff, VSA [7,500 silver]
A strong black coffee [4,500 silver] (Haste when Purified)


[Twiddley's Things, Workroom]
This small area is comfortably warm and well lit by two lanterns hung directly above a small rocking chair padded with overstuffed cushions. Various tools lie scattered at the feet of the chair and a small bedroll takes up the far corner.
Obvious exits: out

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