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a holly-strewn rickety pale green oak wagon, [North Ring Road], Lich #265

[Zanthie's Wagon]
The interior of the pale green wagon is haphazardly decorated with swathes of multicolored fabric to cover the otherwise bare walls. A set of rickety old oak racks stand in the middle of the room holding a selection of wares. In the corner of the room a makeshift fire pit has been built, a pile of applewood logs crackling within it. The ceiling has been festooned with holly, giving the wagon a festive ambiance. A large oak-framed sign leans against one of the walls. You also see a raffle table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: out


In the Common language, it reads:
Hello lovelies!
As you can tell, my wagon is rickety.
I've managed to borrow the wagon from a friend, in the hopes that we will find a permanent wagon soon.
All donations for our new wagon gratefully received!
I have managed to get enough information from Lady Bremonce to re-create her excellent work on some of my own creations.
She has also taught me how to work on her most excellent jackets from her boutique, Engaged in Elegance. She seemed very friendly for a ghost!
See you soon,

On the long oak rack: [10,000 silver]
A neatly pleated thyme green cotton skirt
A red silk skirt set with a layer of decorative reticella
A plain thistle-hued silk skirt overlaid with fine green lace
A waist-clasped mauve velvet skirt with ebon underskirts
A sepia-hued silk taffeta skirt with bronze buttons
A plum dupioni silk skirt split over dark ebon lace
A side-less ebon skirt over layers of crimson chiffon
An artfully crinkled skirt of flowing bronze organza

On the thin oak rack: [10,000 silver]
A flared russet taffeta dress with many-layered underskirts
A tailored mulberry velvet gown
A jacinth faille gown with copper leaves trailing down the back
A narrow-waisted twilight grey batiste gown
A sleek cloth-of-gold gown descending into a fishtail train
A demure fern green cotton gown with square mistwood buttons
A full-skirted indigo batiste dress with a heavily boned corset
A tailored aubergine silk gown with layered underskirts
A slender garnet-hued gown beaded with creamy pearls
A blush silk gown with trailing ivory roses

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