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a painted black and white wagon, Room 49, Lich #20275, go wagon

[Gattrof Castoffs]
Colorful woven wool carpets cover the floor of the wagon, while a banner depicting a gold ram's head facing left, within a crown, on a field of two horizontal black and white lines hangs from the rafters above. A large glass-topped case sits beneath the banner at the center of the wagon, the focal point of the otherwise sparse decor.
Obvious exits: out

In the large glass-topped case you see:

a rune-etched dark copper amulet 75000
an angular black mithril torc 75000
gold-linked dark bronze choker 75000
a pale blued ora necklace 75000
a twined faenor ivy vine bracelet 75000
an enruned gold wristlet 75000
a trio of dark ironwood bangles 75000
a rune-carved golden imflass headband hair altering??? 150000
an opalescent silvery vaalin diadem 150000
an engraved silver circlet 150000