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Current Shop Listing

The 2015 run of Ebon Gate Festival was the final run of this shop.
a dark forest green wagon, Room #78, Lich #20255, go forest wagon

[Sounds Around the Mire] RNUM: 21487
Metal pipes of various widths and lengths travel through the walls and ceiling of the wagon. Tucked amid the crisscrossed mess is a rusted iron case. Bits and pieces of jewelry and other adornments hang from the twisted labyrinth, displayed for all to see. A cleared path leads through the mess to a small archway covered with a tattered blanket.
Obvious exits: out

Each pin plays a different sound. Only about 20 uses before it breaks. Analyze indicates it can only be repaired by specific, skilled merchants (the item does not specify who), as most merchants will not be able to fix these items.

In the Case you see

an amethyst orchid brooch nestled in silver filigree pin-worn 20000
a golden rose brooch backed by an onyx orb 20000
an oval mithglin barrette set with golden moonstones 20000
a wide vaalin band set with a large diamond 20000
some square gold cuff links set with clear glimaerstones 20000
a silver daisy brooch dusted with moonstone chips 20000
a golden arrow-shaped pin edged in vultite 20000
a polished maoral ring set with an agate orb 20000
a dark leather armband studded with copper arm-worn 20000
a wide copper wristlet linked with orbs of citrine 20000
  • As you tap your orchid brooch, the scratchy sound of distant applause echoes around you before fading away.
  • As you tap your leather armband, the scratchy sound of despondent laughter echoes around you before fading away.

On the Wide metal pipe you see

a silver-linked bracelet of smoky topaz 20000
an ora pendant set with a large ruby 20000
an amethyst pendant suspended from a heavy silver chain 20000
a vaalin drop-shaped pendant polished to a lustrous sheen 20000
an oval rainbow quartz pendant suspended on a faenor chain 20000
a solid silver bracelet with enameled crimson roses 20000

On the Narrow metal pipe you see

an oblong chalcedony pendant nestled in a gold setting 20000
a polished mithril bracelet set with golden moonstones 20000
a brushed silver bracelet set with chips of rainbow glaes 20000
a polished faenor wristlet studded with citrine 20000
a bronze square-linked anklet set with coral 20000
a silver-wrapped pendant inset with an orb of golden topaz 20000
a tear-shaped emerald pendant backed with vaalin 20000
[Sounds Around the Mire] RNUM: 21488
Sheets of metal and piping are scattered around the small storeroom. Boxes and crates of various sizes and shapes are filled to overflowing with springs, coils, bolts, and screws. Several unfinished pieces of a mechanical nature are stacked next to a small archway, their purpose a mystery.
Obvious exits: none

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