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The 2015 run of Ebon Gate Festival was the final run of this shop.
a gilded crimson-painted wagon, Room 80, Lich #20258

[Whatever Will Be, Show Room] RNUM: 20258
Silvery moonlight filters through the three portal windows which dot one side of this long, narrow space, falling on the crystal balls displayed on a shallow velvet-lined shelf running the length of the wagon below the windows. A dimly lit chandelier hangs overhead, casting flickering light and long shadows over the area. A glass-fronted display counter takes up most of the back wall, save for the space occupied by a crimson velvet drape.
Obvious exits: east, out

On the Counter you see

some pale pink apple blossom incense 2500
some purple wood betony incense 2500
some tawny chamomile incense 2500
some dark amber cedar incense 2500
some blue-black juniper incense 2500
some drab green bay laurel incense 2500

Behind the Counter you see

some pale pink apple blossom incense 2500
some purple wood betony incense 2500
some tawny chamomile incense 2500
some dark amber cedar incense 2500
some blue-black juniper incense 2500
some drab green bay laurel incense 2500
a white rabbit's foot 25000
a tawny camel suede bag wrapped by a copper cord Pocketed:MA
any number of items
a blackworked white linen pouch Pocketed:MA
any number of items
a soft white linen bag faintly patterned with feathers Pocketed:MA
any number of items
a cloudy quartz crystal strung on a thin silver chain neck-worn 25000
a dark grey glaesine crystal strung on a crimson ribbon neck-worn 25000
a black-flecked orange tigerfang crystal on an ivory ribbon neck-worn 25000
a chain-strung vivid cinnabar crystal with red striations neck-worn 25000

On the Shelf you see

a sunny yellow crystal ball 25000
a translucent black crystal ball 25000
a clear crystal ball 25000
a bubble-filled blue glass orb 25000
a faintly mirrored glass sphere 25000
a translucent white crystal ball 25000
a dark midnight blue crystal ball 25000
a swirled pink and purple orb 25000
a night black translucent sphere 25000
a cloud-filled stormy grey sphere 25000
[Whatever Will Be, Tea Leaves]
Scattered candles cast a subdued glow over the brightly colored bottles that fill the various carved narrow haon shelves set along the rear wall of the wagon. Beneath the shelves, an inclined tea leaf case boasts an assortment of teas, and a glass-fronted display case is filled with vibrantly hued glassware and other tea-brewing accessories.
Obvious exits: west

In the Case you see

a polished brown onyx teacup with a curled gold handle 1000
a faceted crystalline teacup 1000
a shiny mirrored glass teacup 1000
a honey beryl-studded pale porcelain teacup 1000
a labradorite-inset polished copper teacup 1000
a small claw-footed cast iron stove 750000
a rose-motif dark pewter kettle 50000
a round silver tea infuser 25000
a silver teaspoon 5000
a pale bamboo tea whisk 10000

In the Case you see a packet section, a tin section, a jar section, and a specialty section

a pale yellow paper packet painted with white flowers Tea
Chamomile Bloom
Delicate and subtle, the taste of chamomile blossoms soothes the senses as the flavors of rose petal, lemon balm leaf, and sarsaparilla add mild layers to the tea.
Smoothing and warm, the mild taste of chamomile blossoms, rose petal, sarsaparilla, and lemon balm leaf tickle your taste buds in a gentle dance of relaxation.
a mint green paper packet Tea
Mint Joy
The refreshing scent of mint tickles your nose and cleanses your palate, finishing with sweet pea blossoms and sour lemony sorrel.
A kaleidoscope of flavors assaults your tongue, sweet to sour, herbal to refreshing, each complimenting the next.
Additional messages depend on race
a black parchment packet Tea
Licorice Tea
Smooth and invigorating, a strong licorice flavor adds a vibrancy and natural sweetness to the liquid.
A pungent sickly sweet aroma invades your senses as the slightly thick liquid touches the tongue, leaving a licorice aftertaste.
Addition messages depend on race
a blue-black dark parchment packet Tea
Sated Mor
Delicious sun-ripened blueberries spiked with bitter wormwood combine with rich, black tea leaves to seduce the senses. A hint of sweet, yet tart, bee pollen lingers as the liquid passes the tongue.
Cloying bee pollen in full blossom steeped with fragrant black tea leaves give this robust blend an exotic flavor when infused with tangy blueberries and dark fig. Unyielding notes of wormwood permeate the full-bodied tea.
a jasmine-motif white paper packet Tea
Jasmine Dreams
Deep rich flavors of blackberry and spicy phlox compliment the heavy scent of jasmine.
Flaeshornberry sugars the tongue against the tanginess of blackberries and spicy phlox. Soft apple blossoms taunt the nostrils before the intoxicating bouquet of jasmine takes over.
Additional messages depend on race
a pale rose parchment packet Tea
Misty Rose
The tea tastes distinctly flowery, with the heady aroma of roses heightening the flavor.
As fragrant as it is warming, the taste of roses and vanilla burst through the liquid, enveloping your taste buds and lingering at the back of your throat.
Additional messages depend on race
a yellow paper-wrapped tin painted with white flowers Tea Chamomile Bloom 5000
a small metal tin wrapped in mint green paper Tea Mint Joy 5000
a blue-black dark mithglin tin Tea Sated Mor 5000
a white-on-white jasmine-motif tin Tea Jasmine Dreams 5000
a small black metal tin Tea Licorice Tea 5000
a blooming rose-embossed tin Tea Misty Rose 5000
a frosted yellow glass jar painted with white flowers Tea Chamomile Bloom 20000
a frosted pale mint green glass jar Tea Mint Joy 20000
a nearly black dark blue glass jar Tea Sated Mor 20000
a white-on-white jasmine-motif jar Tea Jasmine Dreams 20000
a frosted black glass jar Tea Licorice Tea 20000
a frosted rose-colored glass jar painted with rosebuds Tea Misty Rose 20000
a thick caramel paper packet Tea
Sweetest Transgressions
Full-bodied and dark, this black tea has a redolence so robust it can very nearly be tasted before it ever caresses the tongue. Swirls of rich caramel are awash in the smoky body of the beverage, strewn with hints of sweet vanilla that ebb and flow like a living sea. Just beneath the candied foreground, the taste of pomegranate hovers, thick and honeyed, adding subtle notes of fruit to the nearly sinful experience of this tea.
Pomegranate, sweet and syrup-thick, provides the foundation upon which the flavors of this black tea have been built. The dusky sensation of the tea itself is made silken by an infusion of pure vanilla that accents, rather than obscures, the notes of caramel that swim throughout the beverage. Warmth creates a feast of aromas, the sugar-drenched fruit delivered to the nose on a smoky waft even as the tea passes the lips.
a cherry red parchment packet Tea
Capricious Grace
In the sweet aroma of the white tea, a hint of rose stirs like a specter at midnight hour. Barely there, the blossom's presence comes and goes amid a roiling sea of cherry infusions the darkest of sweet black cherries colors the brew a roseate hue, while paler cousins bring a tart note that swims just beneath the surface. Amid the floral and fruit blend, a dash of green cardamom mellows the concoction, taming it with a smoky warmth.
Subtly bittersweet, the tea's bouquet is a varied and complex masterpiece. Ripe black cherries further sweeten the white tea, which is made impossibly softer by an infusion of rose that teases the senses at each encounter. In the background, tart berries bring balance to the honeyed presence of lush cherries, and a suffusion of green cardamom blankets the palette in a smoky shroud.
a swirled colorful paper packet Tea
Perennial Ponderance
The soothing presence of white tea mellows the addition of black in this blend, while a myriad of fruit flavors intermingle to create a beverage unlike any other. Behind the bitter-tart bite of lemon and cloudberry, a honeyed infusion of peach rises to combat the sharp intrusion. As the palate is neutralized, a combination of berries - smastan, bil, and goose in variety - becomes unmistakable in the forefront and is laced with a hint of bergamot.
Under a thread of bergamot, the mild taste of white tea blends with the bold flavor of black to produce a curious balance between a wild confusion of fruits. The sweet comfort of peach is dulled by the bitterness of lemon and the tartness of cloudberry, while a mixture of smastanberries, bilberries, and gooseberries unite to return a hint of honey-sweet to the tea.
an etched caramel metal tin Tea Sweetest Transgressions 5000
a cherry-etched brushed metal tin Tea Capricious Grace 5000
a swirl-etched colorful metal tin Tea Perennial Ponderance 5000
an etched caramel glaes jar Tea Sweetest Transgressions 20000
a cherry-etched roseate glaes jar Tea Capricious Grace 20000
a swirl-etched colorful glaes jar Tea Perennial Ponderance 20000

In the Shelves you see

some powdered orchid petals 10000
some powdered crystallized lotus petals 10000
a shaker of white sugar 10000
a shaker of cinnamon 10000
a bottle of orange honey 10000
a bottle of clover honey 10000
a bottle of chrysanthemum syrup 10000
a bottle of strawberry syrup 10000
a bottle of raspberry syrup 10000
a bottle of cherry syrup 10000
a bottle of blackberry syrup 10000
a slice of lemon 50
a sugar cube 50