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The 2015 run of Ebon Gate Festival was the final run of this shop.
a charred plank shack, Room #56, Lich #20263, go shack

[Zombie Snack Shack]
Charred planks provide the backdrop beneath the ribbons of swamp vines, which reach through the gaps peppering the walls that surround this small area. Items are displayed haphazardly among the vines on the walls, as if they were odd artworks of the demented. A few stools sit upon a tapestry rug spread out over the sandy ground. Sitting unobtrusively upon one of the stools in the corner is a painted zombie gnome.
Obvious exits: out

On the Wall you see

a long chainsil tunic stained with unsightly spots chest-worn 10000
a slim snakeskin loincloth cinched with a fang clasp leg-worn 10000
a decaying zombie mask trimmed with embroidered red swirls head-worn 10000
some scratched thick-soled boots wrapped in thin leather strips foot-worn
some worn leather handwraps encrusted with small bits of bone hand-worn
a thick tanned leather underrobe with a thin silk liner layer-able 10000
a rough wool cassock cut to drape in loose folds chest-worn

On the Stool you see

an etched circular pin displaying a zombie face pin-worn 1000
a jar of brains that display a pattern of veins underneath 500
some bite-sized pieces of flesh lightly sprinkled with salt 500