Faendryl Enclave Initiation Ceremony

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People Involved: Invoker, Initiate, Observer 1, Observer 2

Invoker: Honored Officer(s) and fellow Enclave members, I am pleased to present to you this candidate, (name), for membership in our honored society.

Invoker to Initiate: Please, kneel before us, (name)

Invoker: From our history comes our duties. First is the duty to our Patriarch, for he guides our House and provides the foundation from which we reach to greater heights. Second is the duty to self and family, for we are all brothers and sisters within House Faendryl and must treat each other as such. Third is our duty to lead by example, offering guidance and support to those of other races seeking to better themselves. It is these duties that the Faendryl Enclave seeks to uphold and promote in the lands outside of our home.

Invoker: You, (name), are now to be inducted into the Faendryl Enclave. Within the Enclave you will find members that uphold mutual respect, honor, discipline, and pride for our race and community. You must also give this of yourself in order that the Enclave may be meaningful to you. We beseech you to honor our shared colorful pasts while keeping your eyes fixed on the future.

Invoker now gives the initiate a despanal gem

Invoker: This stone is a physical representation of our shared history, of the actions and knowledge our people gained and the results of those actions. Hold firmly to it and that knowledge, as you swear the oath.

Invoker: Please, repeat this oath after me.

Invoker: On my honor, my ancestry, and all that I hold high and dearest, I pledge to represent the Faendryl culture in a positive manner. I pledge to promote the sharing of cultural knowledge, and its proper application. I pledge to honor and respect all Officers and members of the Enclave. I pledge to be dedicated to a lifestyle that includes the goals of the Enclave and to stay unified with my fellow Faendryl. I pledge to do my utmost to see that House Faendryl and the Enclave itself are words spoken with respect, admiration and awe.

Initiate recites oath

Invoker hands goblet to initiate

Invoker act points to the goblet held in (name)'s hands)

Invoker to initiate: Drink

Invoker: Please, stand.

Invoker: It is my pleasure to welcome you, (name), into the Faendryl Enclave and the fellowship it affords. I charge you to seek ever greater heights for self and community, for House and Enclave, to the honor of all.

Invoker asks for the despanal back, then pulls out a cloak from Japhrimel's hoard of cloaks

Invoker then adds the despanal to the cloak

Invoker: This cloak is a small gift to you, the newest member. Adorning it is the stone you held while pledging your oath, that you may always remember it and your people.