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Use Weapons
Bonus +8
ST/DU 15/45
Rarity Rare
Weight Modifier 90%
Primary Color light green with darker veins
Dyeable Yes (special)

Also among the metals claimed by the Elven people, faenor should not be confused with eahnor. Its enchantment is somewhat less, falling a bit short of that of ora. Faenor was discovered near the DragonSpine, often found in caverns whose entrances are hidden by forests. "Faenor pockets", as they are called, are clusters of the precious metal harvested by elven miners deep in these caverns, and are usually about the size of a giantman's fist.

The coloration of the metal is quite spectacular, its light verdant hue contrasting with darker green or deep grey veins running throughout the metal. Superstitions and folklore suggest that the metal was created by the lesser spirits of the forests, for battles against those who harm the forest.

While it is dyeable, faenor will usually retain its darker-hued veins. Many forgers have tried various methods to remove them, however, none have succeeded. Unfortunately, faenor tends to become very brittle when pounded thin, and thus it cannot be made into armor. Faenor can, however, be honed into a weapon, and is used for beautiful ornamentation on various items and jewelry.

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