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1. What does Wehnimer's Landing mean to you?

At its best, the Landing is an alternative to monarchy where one’s birth has no bearing on what kind of person they are or life they can have. At its worst, a playground for Imperial fugitives and conspiracy theorists. While Hendor infringing upon our self governance threatens this so does becoming a nationalistic cult drawing a pretend line in the black sands between “outsiders” and those “from here.”

But above all it is a home for folks that wouldn’t be accepted anywhere else.

2. What do you feel you can bring to Wehnimer's Landing, if serving on the town council?

Focus, keen observation, insight, fashion sense, and the only head harder than Thadston's.

3. What are the goals you would like to accomplish for Wehnimer's Landing? How would you do this?

A. Founding of free public schools

   1. Propose a private property tax for landlords and business owners. 
   2. Use the funds for that to build a school and hire teachers. 

B. Micro loans for Shantytown

   1. Write a proposal to the Mayor to create a program for forgivable microloans to the citizens living in shantytown to start their own business or learn a trade. 
   2. Modify the mechanisms already in place that give these loans to adventurer’s. 

C. Negotiate a break from the Empire

   1. Propose the founding of The Northern Frontier Federation. 
   2. Travel the Northern villages and towns to appeal to their leaders to join this federation to pool resources for the greater good. 
   3. Become a large enough political entity that Hendor will have no choice but to negotiate our release. 

D. Preserve Public Art and Beautify Wehnimer's Landing

   1. Propose grants for artists to create public art in the Landing
   2. Create a registry of public art in the Landing and form a commission to protect and restore it
   3. Retrieve the Bleakstone statue known as Gabriella from the fugitive Grand Magister Octaven, return her to her rightful owners at the Faendryl Enclave, and allow   Thadston to make conjugal visits to the Enclave to see his wife. 

4. Describe your connection to Wehnimer's Landing, your history with the town and its people, and why this makes you the best choice for town council?

A. I was a refugee from Talador after its takeover by Jantalar. I was an officer of the old Wehnimer's Guard during the Jantalar and Vornavis conflict.

B. I was Walkar's lawyer when Grishom Stone and Barnom Slim conspired to remove him and framed him for murder.

C. Ran for Mayor last year. In spite of losing, in that year alone, I have:

   1. Identified and negotiated terms for the withdrawal of the enemy General known as the Fist. Not only getting the truth about Vlashandra known, but later a settlement from Socius Leiffen during his time as the Fist. 
   2. Later, was one of those that pierced Vlashandra with a bane arrow sealing away her magic just moments after marrying Thadston to a Bleakstone statue of Lylia and the ghost within. 
   3. Early investor into the mines where Baystone was discovered. 

5. Do you belong to any organizations, inside or outside of Wehnimer's Landing?

House Brigatta, Order of the Shadows, the Clean Old Lads bathhouse club, Caeuriel Atelier, and The Darkstone Bay Consortium.