Fahlo (prime)

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"Winter must always come."
Race Human
Culture Torre
Hometown Fairport
Class Cleric
Profession Rescuer
Religion Lorminstran
Affiliation(s) Order of Voln
In-a-Word Hopeful
Disposition Skeptical, curious, impatient
Demeanor Restless, foolish, kind, helpful, reckless
Flaw Idealistic, judgmental, suspicious
Greatest Strength Organizing, defensive strategy
Greatest Weakness Impetuousness
Habits Restless
Hobbies Exploring
Soft Spots The shaggy mutt and the tiny kitten
Likes Sailing
Dislikes Liars
Fears Loss of integrity
Loyalties Lorminstra
Best Friend Madevra

Fahlo , a well-known rescuer, is a Human Cleric from Torre. He has spent considerable time working to defend and organize defense for his home, Wehnimer's Landing. He has a particular desire to help people who live in poverty. He is a Student Mentor at Silverwood Manor.


You see Fahlo.
He appears to be a Human from Torre.
He is average height.  He appears to be immature.  He has dark eyes and olive skin.  He has short, white hair.
He is wearing a gold-traced banded onyx key symbol, a dark wool hooded cloak, a silver iceblossom, a duffel bag, a rugged linen shirt, some marred leather armor, some dark wool trousers, and some leather boots.

Favorite Quotations

"Lorminstra teaches us mercy.  That's not the the same as being softhearted mind you, sometimes the best way to be merciful is to put something out of its misery." ~the grizzled old warrior

"We must always protect this cycle from those who would do it harm, and we must always remember that no matter how prosperous the spring is, or how bountiful the summer is... Winter must always come." ~Lorminstra's shrine in Wehnimer's Landing

"All things begin and end here. ~Lorminstra's temple in Wehnimer's Landing

"From a far land was carried the seed that brought me forth.  My roots shall forever strive to reach out and embrace that long-lost dream." ~carving in Town Square Central in Wehnimer's Landing

Application for Town Council, 5121

Application Questions

1.  What does Wehnimer's Landing mean to you?

It is where the spirit to prevail burns brightest.

2.  What do you feel you can bring to Wehnimer's Landing, if serving on the town council?

A consistent history of putting defense first.  If it's not in the best interest in protecting those who haven't the ability to protect themselves, then it's not in my best interest, nor is it in the best interest of our home.

A commitment to our allies.  Those who would threaten the safety and security of our citizenry, threaten the safety and security of the citizenry of our allies, and those who would threaten our allies threaten us.

3.  What are the goals you would like to accomplish for Wehnimer's Landing?  How would you do this?

What city is more detestable than one where the richest is the best?  One where the poorest is the least.  Security of a city's boarders comes from the shared prosperity from within it's own walls.  

A prosperous citizen has as many allegiances as they can afford; allegiance with their governance, allegiance with their faith, allegiance with their law; while the destitute citizen can afford nothing and so has none, none to their governance which neglects them, none to their Gods which have forgotten them, and none to the laws which abuse them.

If in our city there live the destitute then there may be no peace.

To bring peace to our city we must bring wealth to those who have the least.  By having that all positions of governance receive the same earnings as our poorest citizen, this will be the tide which raises all ships.

4.  Describe your connection to Wehnimer's Landing, your history with the town and its people, and why this makes you the best choice for town council?

I won't argue that I am the best choice.  What is best is to choose for oneself.

I chose to bring to the city's attention the deficit of defenses in the Burrow's Way.  I brought the same issue to several Great Houses and Organizations in our city.  Though the city government was not responsive, our people were.  Their choice was to attend to the Burrow's Way with citizen patrols.

I chose to sentence Malluch Burdos to imprisonment for his crimes while serving our city while on the jury of his trial.

I chose to help bring together voices of alarm while Vlashandra poisoned Lake Eonak.  Those who came together decided upon a plan of defense.  When calamity came we were prepared, together having pledged our collective hope to a strategy we had decided.

Our city's people know what's best for themselves.  The role of the governance isn't to protect the public from its own temerity, rather it is to ensure the will put into action is that of public sentiment. 

5.  Do you belong to any organizations, inside or outside of Wehnimer's Landing?

I belong to the Order of Voln.