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At the Foehn's Promise Premium auction event in 5100 (3/25/2000 - 3/26/2000), several special musical instruments were auctioned off that allowed the bard to summon a unique familiar.

Note: If you have additional information on the type of familiar summoned for the below, please add to the list.

Instrument Familiar
a dark ebonwood cittern inlaid along the body with golden amber ?
a silvery haon fife engraved with glimmering elven runes a tiny silver grey mouse
a carved maoral flute embedded with bright fiery opals ?
a carved modwir crumhorn embellished with swirling golden tracery a flop-eared brown hare
a dark maoral piccolo inlaid with flashing dragonfire rubies a fat black-eyed mouse
a dark monir lysard inlaid with glittering dragonfire emeralds a plump mulitcolored chameleon
some silver finger cymbals studded with tiny multicolored gems a bright-eyed tawny lemur
a delicately carved rosewood mandolin inlaid with shimmering moonstones a graceful silvery white cat
a haon-framed tambourine decorated with brightly colored silken ribbons a sleek golden-eyed lemur
a pale tanik shawm engraved with shimmering golden musical notes a tiny golden-hued frog
a polished golden oak lute inlaid with deep golden topaz stones a sleek golden-eyed cat
some bagpipes with polished maoral chanters and a velvet-covered bladder a watchful amber-eyed wolf
a carved monir theorbo inlaid with star sapphire cabochons ?