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Feature Quill was created by GM Elidi. When worn, the quill appears in in the extra feature description field as "tucked behind your ear". These quills were introduced at A Midsummer Night's Festival 2017 in the shop Now is the Write Time. The quill functions as a writing implement for the various types of items that require such (labels, writable books, stationery paper, etc.). This quill can be created by combining a feather with a Quill nib from Ebon Gate in Write Stuff.

Tier 1


You analyze your bluish starling quill and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

This is a quill that can be used for writing on paper.  The quill can be worn behind your ear and will appear as:  A soft bluish starling feather quill tipped with an enruned silvery mithril nib is tucked behind her ear.

You can RUB, TOUCH, TAP, and NUDGE the quill.  This item IS NOT unlocked.

The quill may be altered, but the noun must remain 'quill'.  A talented merchant can customize the look of the quill when worn, but it should be worn behind the ear.

You get no sense of whether or not the quill may be further lightened.


Verb Style First Third
WEAR n/a You tuck your bluish starling quill behind your ear, adjusting the quill for an aesthetically pleasing effect. XXX tucks her bluish starling quill behind her ear, adjusting the quill slightly.
REMOVE n/a With a gentle hand, you remove your bluish starling quill from behind your ear, taking care not to bend its hollow spine. XXX removes her bluish starling quill from behind her ear with a gentle hand.
NUDGE held You adjust your grip on your bluish starling quill slightly, taking care not to get ink on your fingers. XXX adjusts her grip on her bluish starling quill slightly.
worn You feel a slight tickle against your cheek and notice your bluish starling quill has slipped from behind your ear. You quickly push the quill back into place and smooth its tip. XXX pushes her bluish starling quill back in to place behind her ear and smooths its tip.
RUB held You roll your bluish starling quill between your fingers, smoothing out the barbs. XXX rolls her her bluish starling quill between her fingers, smoothing out the barbs.
worn Lost in thought, you idly run your finger along the length of the bluish starling quill behind your ear. With a wistful expression, XXX runs her finger along the bluish starling quill tucked behind her ear.
TAP held Pondering what to write next, you tap the end of your bluish starling quill against your cheek. XXX taps the end of her bluish starling quill against her cheek, a faraway look in her eyes.
worn With a slight nod, you tap the bluish starling quill tucked behind your ear and mouth, "Noted." XXX nods slightly, touching the bluish starling quill tucked behind her ear and mouths, "Noted."
TOUCH held Preoccupied, you idly thumb the plumulaceous part of your bluish starling quill. XXX idly thumbs the plumulaceous part of her bluish starling quill.
worn As you reach up and touch your bluish starling quill, you are relieved to find it's still safely tucked behind your ear. XXX looks relieved as she touches the bluish starling quill tucked behind her ear.

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Feature Quill Information
Type Fluff
Feature altering
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to Quill
Alterable Yes
Light/Deep No
Customizable Yes
Custom Feature appearance
Original Release Venue A Midsummer Night's Festival 2017
Tiered Yes
Number of Tiers 2
How to Unlock Merchant
Restrictions Noun must be quill
Feature must indicate behind ear
Item Verbs