Fenog's Regulars Meeting - 5118-09-05 - Questions on The Icemule-Vaalor Alliance (log)

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Imaerasta 5, 5118

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier

Opening the Meeting

Jastalyn recites softly:

"Welcome, everyone, to Fenog's Regulars"

Jastalyn softly says, "There have been so many things going on lately and I've heard talk and whispers and gossip."

Jastalyn smiles.

Speaking to Jastalyn, Kotin says, "It's true ... I do bring a lot of wounds to town."

Jastalyn softly says, "I wanted to make a place where everyone could speak and I want to hear everyone's position on the proposed changes."

Jastalyn grins at Kotin.

Speaking to Jastalyn, Kotin says, "But I promise I nots let them fester."

Tawariell raises her hand.

Jastalyn grins.

Jastalyn nods at Tawariell.

Tawariell says, "If I may say something."

Jastalyn softly says, "Of course Madam Mayor."

Tawariell says, "They are not "proposed" changes. They are changes that are already in place. To make tha' clear."

Tawariell smiles politely.

Jastalyn softly says, "Thank you."

Jastalyn softly says, "I did read over your letter."

Tawariell nods understandingly at Jastalyn.

Jastalyn softly asks, "And since you're here, maybe you can help clear up any questions we have if that would be alright?"

Jastalyn smiles at Tawariell.

Tawariell says, "I'll do m'best."

Jastalyn softly exclaims, "Great!"

Tawariell folds her hands.

Question #1, From Leafiara: Vaalorians in Town?

Jastalyn softly asks, "Who would like to speak first?"

[pregnant pause]

Tawariell casually observes her surroundings.

[continued pregnant pause]

Winnieffer says, "I did not even know about changes."

Leafiara raises her hand.

Tawariell cocks her head at Leafiara.

Jastalyn softly says, "I understand this alliance is to bring commerce and relations with the Vaalorians to our town, but it does make some nervous."

Jastalyn nods.

Kotin agrees with Winnieffer.

Jastalyn nods at Leafiara.

Jastalyn just went over and threw herself down on the chair.

Leafiara tentatively says, "I didn't want to be the first to ask anything since I'm not even a citizen here, but..."

Leafiara gazes heavenward.

Tawariell raises an eyebrow.

Jastalyn grins.

Leafiara stands up.

Leafiara turns to face Tawariell.

Tawariell cocks her head at Leafiara.

Leafiara curiously asks, "Are the Vaalorians only able to use the airspace over Icemule for their ships or are they stationining some of their people on the ground in town? Or near town?"

Speaking to Leafiara, Kotin says, "Good one... I has a follow up question after that."

Leafiara nods in agreement at Kotin.

Leafiara adds, "Oh, and I'm not counting the elven village near the Vipershroud as near Icemule..."

Leafiara chuckles.

Tawariell gently explains, "Th'Vaalorians are able to move through Icemule, its surrounding areas, and the airspace. There will be no occupation, nor "stationing" of any sort. Though I do half expect some of the troops to linger and enjoy what our town as to offer, as far as gambling an'hunting, and other amenities go. But we would offer that to anyone, wouldn't we?"

Tawariell chuckles.

Leafiara simply says, "I see."

Leafiara nods at Tawariell.

Question #2, From Kotin: Travel to Ta'Vaalor?

Kotin raises his hand.

Jastalyn nods at Kotin.

Tawariell cocks her head at Kotin.

Leafiara says, "Thank you for clarifying."

Leafiara nods at Tawariell.

Tawariell smiles at Leafiara.

Speaking to Tawariell, Kotin asks, "Are we able to use the airships to travel to Ta'Vaalor?"

Tawariell kindly says, "Certainly." [in response to Leafiara, not Kotin]

Tawariell laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement from Kotin.

Jastalyn grins.

Speaking to Kotin, Tawariell says, "Of this I'm not sure. Likely not, no."

Kotin says, "It would make escort missions much safer."

Jastalyn chuckles.

Tawariell says, "The airships won't be landing here, I do believe."

Jastalyn softly says, "With our wonderful landing strip it would seem convenient."

Tawariell nods in agreement.

Jastalyn softly says, "Airship area."

Jastalyn nods.

Kotin says, "I saws some in town near Town Center befores all this happens."

Jastalyn smiles.

Kotin says, "There be a tower of some sorts."

Kotin says, "As I recall."

Tawariell cocks her head at Kotin.

Speaking softly to Kotin, Jastalyn asks, "Inside of town?"

Kotin says, "Was here last winter."

Kotin says, "I climbed it, as I recall."

Logeerkamer says, "Probably speaking of the hanger."

Jastalyn smiles.

Tawariell nods.

Kotin nods.

Tawariell says, "Yes th'airships that are docked there now, most certainly aren't Vaalorian."

Question #3, From Jastalyn: The Need for Vaalorian Troops?

Jastalyn softly says, "I'm not sure I understand the need for Vaalorian troops."

Kotin nods.

Jastalyn softly asks, "Maybe to assist with their trade routes?"

Kotin asks, "Then whose are they?"

Jastalyn softly asks, "Protection for the traders?"

Tawariell looks thoughtfully at Jastalyn.

Tawariell asks, "Are you asking me?"

Tawariell chuckles.

Speaking to Jastalyn, Leafiara says, "I have a followup question after that, related to that..."

Jastalyn softly says, "Yes if you know the answer."

Jastalyn grins.

Jastalyn flushes slightly, some color reaching her cheeks.

Kilded heartily says, "I think the Vaalorians are all jerks. Every one I've met."

Jastalyn grins.

Tawariell smirks at Kilded. Dayzed begins chuckling at Kilded!

Kilded heartily says, "And we should throw their uppity butts out of town."

Leafiara admits, "I've met a couple who aren't. The rest, however..."

Speaking to Kilded, Kotin says, "Not a very proper thing to say."

Speaking to Kilded, Tawariell teases, "Hmm. Good thing you're not Mayor."

Jastalyn softly says, "Well if they are impolite there's nothing wrong with stating so." Jastalyn grins.

Adrift quietly says, "Not sure I've met too many myself."

Speaking to Kilded, Kotin says, "I've completed many escort missions to Ta'Vaalor and, though I've met my share of uppity butts as you say, I've also met generous folks."

Speaking heartily to Kotin, Kilded says, "Not a single one."

Kilded heartily says, "The high elves should stay in their castle."

Kilded heartily says, "And away from this town."

Speaking softly to Tawariell, Jastalyn asks, "So the need for the troups?"

Speaking to Kilded, Kotin asks, "Well, they high because they in airships, no?"

Selaesia says, "I used to live there myself, when I was wee. There were some nice folks. Just not the place for me."

Jastalyn nods at Selaesia.

Leafiara wryly says, "I used to live there too. It lasted less than a day before the merchants chased me off."

Speaking to Leafiara, Kotin asks, "Now that... that can be worked out, no?"

Jastalyn softly says, "And if we have an alliance will we still need to have papers in hand to walk around their city? That always seemed extreme to me."

Selaesia says, "I moved here when I was 14 trains so I did spend some time there."

Xoshonel quietly says, "Even citizens of Ta'Vaalor need papers."

Jastalyn softly says, "I see."

Tawariell says, "My reasoning is this. For the moment our defenses are not all they could be. Our militia as much as we would like to believe they are, are certainly not organized. In letting them pass through I am mending wrongs that have now thankfully been righted. I would rather the Vaalorians on our side than viewing us as offenders. Let us not pretend that Daukhera is something easy to deal with. And it is my belief there is far greater evil out there than she. Part of my goal was unification. This is the start of it."

Kilded heartily exclaims, "Ha!"

Kilded snorts!

Tawariell says, "There was plenty of opportunity to reach out to the Vaalorians and someone did, failingly so."

Tawariell says, "I took it upon myself to fix that fracture, as no one else seemed to care."

Jastalyn smiles.

Question #4, From Dayzed: Risks of the Alternative?

Dayzed raises his hand.

Jastalyn nods at Dayzed.

Leafiara raises her hand.

Claudaro raises his hand.

Speaking deeply to Tawariell, Dayzed asks, "Out of curiosity, to what end was the town at risk if we decided *not* to take that opportunity?"

Speaking deeply to Tawariell, Dayzed says, "I don't see Ta'Vaalor in a position to threaten us."

Jastalyn nods.

Speaking deeply to Tawariell, Dayzed says, "The supply line management would be insanely difficult."

Speaking to Dayzed, Selema offers, "They do have airships."

Speaking to Selema, Kotin asks, "But do we has access to them?"

Speaking deeply to Selema, Dayzed asks, "Unless those airships can operate flawlessly in our climate, so what?"

Speaking to Dayzed, Tawariell says, "Consider that the Vaalorians are not unlike the rest of us, who are ambitious. And once they have their sights set on something they intend on it. Put tha' in perspective of the Elven Village. I would rather th'Vaalorians pass through our airspace and our town on my good graces than by their own hand, unexpected."

Leafiara nods absently at Dayzed.

Tawariell says, "Unless of course you'd rather they waltz through without warning."

Jastalyn nods at Leafiara. [a signal for the next question, but Dayzed wasn't quite done...]

Speaking deeply to Tawariell, Dayzed says, "I'd rather fight them off to the last man, but that may just be me."

Dayzed shrugs.

Dayzed deeply says, "My people have a history with this sort of thing..."

Dayzed gazes heavenward.

Jastalyn nods.

(Tawariell sets her mouth in a thin line of disapproval.)

Speaking wryly to Dayzed, Leafiara says, "Who knows, maybe that chance will come in time yet."

Dayzed nods slowly.

Leafiara adds, "A light jest, of course..."

Leafiara smiles.

Jastalyn smiles.

Tawariell annoyedly says, "I will not hesitate to state that I am ashamed of some of the responses. Hardly reflective of what Icemule stands for."

Dayzed frowns.

Speaking pleasantly to Leafiara, Xoshonel says, "Of course. One wouldn't want to out warmonger the "warmongerers"."

Leafiara acknowledges, "I'm not from Icemule, myself, so..."

Leafiara flashes a quick grin.

Xoshonel smirks.

Speaking amicably to Xoshonel, Leafiara agrees, "Indeed."

Leafiara grins slowly.

Jastalyn softly says, "Still we are very close neighbors."

Question #5, From Leafiara: Benefits to Both Sides?

Speaking deeply to Tawariell, Dayzed says, "I fail to see what we received in exchange for this appeasement."

Leafiara says, "Anyway, on to--"

Leafiara points at Dayzed.

Leafiara says, "Ah... that was my next question."

Dayzed deeply says, "Sorry."

Leafiara nods at Dayzed.

Tawariell adds, "But if you must keep blaming those who came before, or hold onto grudges and deny the waves of change, that is not for me to change minds."

Speaking inquisitively to Tawariell, Leafiara asks, "What does Icemule hope to gain out of this, and what does Ta'Vaalor hope to gain out of this?"

Speaking to Leafiara, Tawariell says, "Ask Vaalor."

Tawariell begins chuckling at Leafiara!

Jastalyn grins.

Leafiara replies, "Point taken on the second part, but you can still answer the first."

Speaking heartily to Tawariell, Kilded says, "I have renounced my citizenship in this town until I agree with its policies more, and I encourage others to do the same unless things change. I love Icemule, but letting the Vaalorians in was too far."

Kilded heartily says, "And I have no problem speaking my mind on it."

Jastalyn softly says, "Trade mostly I think, alliance with their soldiers for protection."

Jastalyn nods at Leafiara.

Speaking thoughtfully to Tawariell, Leafiara adds, "Though... if you weren't told what Vaalor hopes to gain, that's problematic to me."

Leafiara raises an eyebrow.

Speaking dismissively to Kilded, Tawariell says, "Then that is your choice and we are sorry to see you go."

Kittai says, "She didn't LET THEM IN. You all need to understand this. allowing passage through the airspace is NOT just inviting people to pillage the town. There is a very big difference."

Tawariell agrees with Kittai.

Tawariell rests a gentle hand on Kittai's arm.

Jastalyn softly says, "Of course."

Jastalyn softly says, "We just have questions."

Jastalyn softly says, "None of this was entered into lightly."

Xoshonel softly says, "If the idea of Vaalorians wanting to pillage as if they were a pack of krolvin isn't ridiculous enough ..."

Kilded heartily asks, "What kind of compensation did we receive for this incursion on our airspace?"

Speaking deeply to Kittai, Dayzed asks, "If that is the case, what did we exchange this privilege for?"

Tawariell agrees with Xoshonel.

Jastalyn softly says, "Some are just a bit more heated about the subject."

Speaking to Kilded, Leafiara says, "That's what I just asked."

Leafiara chuckles.

Kittai says, "Having questions and attacking her with them like she's done something wrong are two completely different things."

Speaking deeply to Kittai, Dayzed says, "I don't think this is an attack - it's an inquiry."

Jastalyn softly says, "I haven't heard anyone attack."

Kilded heartily exclaims, "Maybe the mayor was a personal beneficiary of this action!"

Kilded heartily exclaims, "Or maybe the mayor has been controlled somehow!"

Speaking dryly to Kilded, Leafiara says, "Let's not get too wild here."

Jastalyn softly says, "Okay except Kilded."

Speaking deeply to Kilded, Dayzed says, "Uncalled for."

Jastalyn grins.

Jastalyn softly says, "Light hearted."

Jastalyn softly says, "We got this."

Question #6, From Claudaro: The Voice of the People?

Jastalyn softly says, "Claudaro had a question."

Claudaro nods.

Speaking to Kilded, Kotin says, "Remember honor."

Jastalyn grins.

Kilded heartily exclaims, "I hate it when I'm right -- but you'll see!"

Claudaro says, "More of a follow up to all that's been said, but..."

Tawariell folds her hands.

Leafiara curiously asks, "I see... no answer to what Icemule gains from this?"

Tawariell says, "I was about to explain.."

Tawariell chuckles.

Leafiara nods understandingly.

Jastalyn smiles.

Claudaro says, "Is not bowing to a war-like nation without consideration for those whom she represents thoughts on the subject doing something wrong? The Landing mayor for instence, consulted others at least, and gave voice before making agreements."

Leafiara tilts her head toward Tawariell, examining her intently as the tip of one ear twitches briefly.

Claudaro asks, "Why was this agreed to so readily without any forum for discussion?"

Jastalyn smiles.

Speaking to Claudaro, Leafiara acknowledges, "Well, to be fair, Lylia didn't have the power in the first place to approve that or not without the Town Council."

Leafiara relents, "But still a very good question."

Tawariell says, "I was already apologizing for the sins of quite a few offenders who hold themselves to a high standard in this town. I don't think I need to mention names."

Jastalyn softly says, "Having our own Mayor in Icemule is new to us. It's a learning process."

Claudaro says, "It's hard to expect people to support a decision that seemed to be made without any deliberation, or consideration for their thoughts."

Tawariell says, "Because of this I was in no position to make demands. Consider that it is possible to make demands NOW. When the time is right. When we need it."

Speaking heartily to Tawariell, Kilded asks, "How many silvers? what was your price?"

Tawariell turns away from Kilded, ignoring him.

Kilded stares at Tawariell.

Jastalyn glances at Kilded.

Speaking deeply to Kilded, Dayzed says, "Come now."

Question #7, From Dayzed: Obligations?

Dayzed raises his hand.

Jastalyn nods at Dayzed.

Claudaro shrugs.

Leafiara concernedly asks, "Wait... demands? Who's been talking about demands, if I missed it in all of this?"

Claudaro says, "Just my thoughts on it, if you care to address 'em or not."

Speaking deeply to Tawariell, Dayzed asks, "Not to dig too deep into this, but why did you feel you were obligated to appease the Vaalorians after some Icemulians offended them?"

Speaking deeply to Tawariell, Dayzed says, "Clearly you are not responsible for the behavior of individuals."

Speaking to Dayzed, Tawariell says, "No, but they "represent" the town."

Dayzed looks over at Tawariell and shakes his head.

Jastalyn softly says, "I do agree there may have been some sort of treaty or something that lays out what is expected from each party."

Speaking to Dayzed, Tawariell says, "They were in positions as ambassadors."

Speaking deeply to Tawariell, Dayzed says, "No, they truly do not."

Speaking to Dayzed, Kittai says, "In this case they were attempting to."

Dayzed nods at Tawariell.

Speaking to Tawariell, Kotin asks, "Now I'm curious, who are "they"?"

Speaking deeply to Tawariell, Dayzed says, "But ICICLE members were not elected officials."

Speaking to Dayzed, Tawariell says, "No but they certainly took it upon themselves."

Tawariell folds her hands.

Speaking deeply to Tawariell, Dayzed says, "My concern here is that unelected citizens impacted policy decisions."

Kotin says, "ICICLE is an inept organization."

Dirvy softly says, "They took it upon themselves to be on vacation at a festival when asked to come observe a child in town. Nothing more."

Speaking to Dayzed, Tawariell says, "All of this happened before I was elected. I merely decided to fix it."

Dayzed nods slowly.

Jastalyn nods.

Followup on Demands and Obligations

Leafiara slowly says, "If asking Ta'Vaalor for more time to consult with the people before making a decision would have been considered a demand, which was Claudaro's question, then... I'm at a loss. That's a perfectly reasonable thing to ask."

Tawariell turns to face Leafiara.

Dayzed deeply says, "My suggestion then would be, moving forward, to not enter into any agreeements with foreign governments without a proper airing of the benefits and consequences."

Leafiara nods at Dayzed.

Dayzed deeply says, "Seems a reasonable position to hold - in this case, what's done is done."

Speaking to Leafiara, Tawariell says, "I did not feel the necessity to consult with others at that particular moment. Plain and simple. It was my decision."

Claudaro says, "Sounds like poor leadership in this case then."

Speaking to Dayzed, Tawariell says, "And yes. What's done is done."

Kittai says, "Neither mayor was given the chance to speak to anyone about the requests made of them by Vaalor. No advisors were even allowed to be present."

Tawariell says, "Lylia consulted her council."

Kittai says, "After the fact maybe, but not while she was meeting with Vaalor with you."

Tawariell nods in agreement at Kittai.

Speaking deeply to Kittai, Dayzed asks, "But, to be fair, were we obligated to provide some sort of resolution that very evening?"

Claudaro says, "She also agreed to nothing at that time, while reports state that Icemule's Mayor was more than eager to cede to any demand or request."

Speaking to Tawariell, Leafiara says, "I suppose, then, that you shouldn't be surprised if there's unrest and criticism--which is exactly what I see happening in this room."

Dayzed deeply says, "I can't imagine that was the case."

Dayzed deeply says, "Lylia left town intact."

Speaking amusedly to Leafiara, Tawariell asks, "Do I look surprised?"

Tawariell leans softly against Kittai.

Question #8, From Jastalyn: Unification? Terms?

Jastalyn softly says, "I have a question..."

Tawariell cocks her head at Jastalyn.

Jastalyn flushes slightly, some color reaching her cheeks.

Kittai says, "Citizens of this town caused offense. That put us at a negative balance to them, Honor on all sides, demands that be remedied, before anything else, positive or negative can happen."

Speaking patiently to Tawariell, Leafiara replies, "You seem annoyed or frustrated, and you shouldn't be if you already knew this was coming."

Leafiara nods at Tawariell.

Speaking softly to Tawariell, Jastalyn asks, "To what reach is your unification dream? Will we be inviting Illistim for trade as well?"

Speaking to Leafiara, Tawariell counters, "I believe disappointed is a better term."

Kilded heartily exclaims, "Maybe we should just let the frost giants and the ice wraiths trapse around the town too!"

Leafiara ponders.

Leafiara nods at Tawariell.

Jastalyn pokes Kilded in the ribs.

Claudaro says, "I think all sides are disappointed then in this instence."

Speaking casually to Tawariell, Leafiara relents, "Fair, then."

Adrift quietly says, "Would certainly be interesting."

Adrift nods at Kilded.

Kilded heartily says, "I put them on the same level as those high elves."

Speaking to Kilded, Kotin says, "I nevers lets them beast in town."

Speaking to Kilded, Kotin says, "I carry the wounds to prove my honor."

Kilded heartily says, "Only thing they're good for is selling their hides."

Kotin says, "Then they gets healed."

Speaking to Jastalyn, Tawariell says, "I should like to. I see no reason not to start working towards trade with other towns, at all."

Speaking softly to Tawariell, Jastalyn asks, "And also, is there some sort of treaty that outlines better what is expected from each party that we might be allowed to hear or see?"

Jastalyn nods at Tawariell.

Leafiara comments, "Good people in Ta'Illistim."

Speaking heartily to Tawariell, Kilded exclaims, "Show us the books!"

Jastalyn softly says, "I think most of the questions and concerns are out of uncertainty."

Speaking deeply to Jastalyn, Dayzed says, "Exactly. Typically trade agreements have mututally agreed-to terms."

Jastalyn sighs at Kilded.

Tawariell stares at Kilded.

Jastalyn smiles.

Jastalyn softly says, "Civility."

Jastalyn nods at Kilded.

Speaking to Jastalyn, Tawariell says, "There are plans for such things in the future. I will be working with Mayoral Council Advisory to better outline things for the public, and for ourselves."

Question #9, From Dayzed: 14 Days to Decide?

Dayzed raises his hand.

Jastalyn grins.

Jastalyn softly says, "Perfect."

Jastalyn nods at Dayzed.

Dayzed deeply asks, "May I propose, moving forward, a 14 day advisorial period before signing any future agreements?"

Speaking to Dayzed, Tawariell says, "Per'aps."

Jastalyn smiles.

Speaking deeply to Tawariell, Dayzed asks, "What would be your aversion to such a policy?"

Kilded heartily says, "And to nullify the current agreement."

Jastalyn softly says, "She didn't say she had an aversion."

Speaking deeply to Kilded, Dayzed says, "What's done is done."

Kilded heartily says, "Until the town has a chance to consider."

Jastalyn softly says, "It's a new process."

Jastalyn softly says, "Suggestions are welcome."

Jastalyn softly says, "She's figuring out her job as she goes."

Speaking to Dayzed, Tawariell says, "Sometimes there are situations wherein a decision must be made and there will be no time for council. I will not make any promises. But will do my best to confer if I can."

Speaking deeply to Tawariell, Dayzed says, "Wartime decision making is one thing, and I support a strong executive."

Speaking deeply to Tawariell, Dayzed says, "But clearly this was not a wartime decision."

Jastalyn adopts an agreeable expression.

Speaking deeply to Tawariell, Dayzed says, "So I think this policy is quite reasonable."

Jastalyn softly says, "Policy and treaty to work on, noted."

Jastalyn smiles.

Dayzed nods.

Dayzed fiddles with the edges of his polar bearskin mantle in a fit of nervous energy.

Tawariell nods in agreement at Jastalyn.

Concluding the Meeting

Jastalyn softly asks, "Anyone else that would like to speak?"

Jastalyn softly says, "I want to mention that this lodge is a safe place. It's not inside town and if anyone feels threatened our doors are always open."

Leafiara applauds Jastalyn.

Jastalyn blushes a glowing shade of red.

Speaking deeply to Jastalyn, Dayzed says, "Them's fightin' words."

Jastalyn softly says, "I'm not saying I expect trouble."

Jastalyn chuckles.

Jastalyn softly says, "I am saying there are concerns."

Dayzed nods slowly.

Jastalyn softly says, "And I don't want anyone to feel like they don't have a place to go."

Speaking deeply to Jastalyn, Dayzed says, "Kilded is clearly between-towns, so that's very generous."

Jastalyn grins.

Jastalyn softly says, "Kilded is an exception."

Speaking to Kilded, Leafiara wonders, "Which town -did- you go to, anyway?"

Jastalyn softly says, "But it's not just Icemule citizens, we have any number of visitors at any time from other towns."

Jastalyn softly says, "No harm will come to anyone within these walls."

Dayzed chuckles.

Speaking deeply to Jastalyn, Dayzed says, "No *lasting* harm at least."

Jastalyn softly asks, "No physical harm?"

Jastalyn softly asks, "Is that closer?"

Dayzed nods.

Jastalyn nods.

Jastalyn smiles.

Jastalyn softly asks, "Does anyone have a question or a concern?"

Speaking heartily to Leafiara, Kilded says, "Back to the Landing, for now."

Leafiara peers quizzically at Kilded.

Dayzed deeply says, "I guess my last question would be more hypothetical."

Kittai says, "I have one more thing, and I think it's a relatively small thing to ask."

Speaking perplexedly to Kilded, Leafiara asks, "So you left a town over welcoming Ta'Vaalor... to go to a town that's welcoming Ta'Vaalor?"

Jastalyn nods.

Dayzed deeply asks, "But have we started any contingency planning for if Ta'Vaalor decides to.....violate civil norms here?"

Speaking heartily to Leafiara, Kilded says, "I left for a multitude of reasons, this one just reaffirmed my decision. I'm a citizen in the landing for no particular reason."

Leafiara simply says, "Ah."

Kittai says, "Before I came to find Icemule as my home, I spent a good deal of time in the Landing, through several of their mayoralships."

Kittai says, "In my experience, Landing's mayor does not consult every citizen on decisions needing to be made, whether that be current or past mayors. For better, or worse, Tawariell has been the majority elected official, whose purpose is to be able to make decisions for the better of the town. Maybe, just maybe, folks should have just a little faith in her. Otherwise why did more folks vote for her, rather than any of the other four candidates."

Jastalyn smiles.

Jastalyn softly asks, "We do have faith in her, we're talking aren't we?"

Jastalyn winks.

Kilded heartily exclaims, "All a vast financial conspiracy!"

Dayzed deeply says, "Well, hold one moment on that..."

Jastalyn rolls her eyes at Kilded.

Jastalyn grins.

Kittai says, "Things are new beginnings, not just conspiracies to trick and confuse people."

Claudaro says, "Her housemates pushed her over better options? I mean, if that's an honest question you're asking."

Speaking deeply to Kittai, Dayzed asks, "Is there clear guidance for the roles and responsibilities of our Mayor?"

Jastalyn softly says, "That is a good question."

Jastalyn nods at Dayzed.

Speaking deeply to Kittai, Dayzed says, "Because if not, sounds like those need to be established first."

Speaking deeply to Kittai, Dayzed says, "We did not elect a Queen -- no offense meant, Mayor."

Kittai says, "Is there clear guidance for the roles and responsibilties of ANY mayor? Things change. Just because one situation calls for dealing with it in one way, in no way means those methods will work the next."

Speaking deeply to Kittai, Dayzed says, "Well, things do change and have changed."

Kittai says, "No, that would be Daukhera and her nonsense."

Tawariell gives a lopsided grin.

Speaking deeply to Kittai, Dayzed says, "Daukhera holds no monarchal role over me, I assure you."

Claudaro says, "Hopefully we can turn to the "queen" to help solve this new elf problem we have."

Speaking softly to Tawariell, Jastalyn says, "When is the next council meeting? Maybe we could have more clear and concise answers then."

Speaking to Claudaro, Tawariell says, "Exactly."

Tawariell chuckles.

Dayzed deeply says, "This....is a bad plan."

(Tawariell taps her chin thoughtfully.)

Claudaro glances at Tawariell.

Kilded heartily says, "Ugh this queen."

Jastalyn softly says, "To share with the citizens."

Kilded heartily says, "Can we just kick the queen and the high elves out of town."

Speaking deeply to Kilded, Dayzed says, "I'd prefer we kick no-one out of town."

Speaking to Kilded, Tawariell says, "You're welcome to try. But consider the consequenes of those actions."

Tawariell chuckles.

Kilded heartily says, "Let's not make more bad alliances to overcome the bad ones already made."

Speaking softly to Kilded, Jastalyn says, "We obviously do not have any type of trained militia to do so."

Dayzed deeply says, "And Rex is no use."

Tawariell folds her hands.

Tawariell thoughtfully says, "On a brighter note."

Jastalyn smiles.

Jastalyn ponders.

Tawariell pleasedly says, "I will be implementing a town guard. I thought I would take this opportunity to mention that. Should there be any interested when tryouts come along."

Jastalyn grins at Tawariell.

Jastalyn softly says, "I like that very much."

Kilded heartily says, "What a great idea."

Kilded groans.

Claudaro asks, "Does all the ale you can drink over at the night owl's come as a perk?"

Jastalyn smiles.

Jastalyn pokes Kilded in the ribs.

Speaking softly to Tawariell, Jastalyn says, "The town is welcome to use our facilities for training and resting."

Tawariell nods approvingly at Jastalyn.

Jastalyn softly says, "We do have a training area specifically for that reason."

Logeerkamer smiles.

Jastalyn softly says, "I promise not to get you stuck."

Jastalyn grins.

Jastalyn blushes a glowing shade of red.

Kotin asks, "Training area?"

Jastalyn softly says, "Sure."

Kotin asks, "Where?"

Jastalyn softly says, "Out back."

Speaking deeply to Jastalyn, Dayzed asks, "We gonna be stuck in there forever again?"

Kotin asks, "For martial arts?"

Jastalyn softly says, "I'll open that up when we're done here."

Jastalyn grins at Dayzed.

Jastalyn softly exclaims, "I promise no!"

Jastalyn giggles.

Jastalyn smiles.

Jastalyn softly asks, "So it's safe to say we've all been heard today?"

Tawariell nods in agreement.

Leafiara nods in agreement.

Jastalyn nods.

Selema nods.

Kilded shakes his head.

Jastalyn grins.

Kotin nods.

Speaking earnestly to Jastalyn, Leafiara says, "Thank you for hosting this."

Leafiara hugs Jastalyn, who wraps her in a warm embrace.

Speaking to Jastalyn, Kotin says, "I'd still like to know when we can use the airships."

Jastalyn softly says, "If you'd like to see the training area or any other area of the lodge please join me."

Jastalyn grins at Kotin.

Jastalyn stands up.

Speaking earnestly to Logeerkamer, Leafiara says, "And you too, I think."

Leafiara hugs Logeerkamer, who wraps her in a warm embrace.

Leafiara joins Jastalyn's group.

Jastalyn hugs Leafiara, who wraps her in a warm embrace.

Logeerkamer stands up.

Jastalyn softly exclaims, "I appreciate all who came!"

Claudaro says, "Thank you for hosting this forum."

Logeerkamer grins at Leafiara.

Laralana says, "I will keep my thoughts to myself, for now, as such opinions seem to be ignored either way- so speaking would be less than productive. Have a good day."

Jastalyn softly says, "And withheld through the tough parts."

Jastalyn softly says, "And thank you."

Tawariell kindly says, "If you'll pardon us. Thank you for your time, questions and suggestions."

Jastalyn nods at Tawariell.

Jastalyn softly says, "For answering most of our questions."

Jastalyn smiles.

Jastalyn hugs Tawariell, who wraps her in a warm embrace.

Tawariell gives Jastalyn a friendly hug.

Speaking to Tawariell, Kotin says, "I'll record these proceedings in my notes."

Tawariell nods understandingly at Kotin.

Speaking deeply to Tawariell, Dayzed says, "Thank you for your time."

Logeerkamer bows to Leafiara.

Leafiara bobs a quick curtsy to Logeerkamer.

Mayor Tawariell's group just went through some massive double doors.

Kotin says, "And shares them with you when they are complete."

Amapola exclaims, "Thank you!"

Claudaro says, "Take care folks."

Jastalyn smiles.

Jastalyn gives Leafiara a lingering kiss on the cheek.

Adrift quietly says, "Thank you."

Jastalyn softly says, "Thank you for coming."

Jastalyn softly says, "We will be having another forum in the evening."

Leafiara interestedly asks, "Oh?"

Speaking deeply to Jastalyn, Dayzed says, "Thanks for hosting us."

Jastalyn softly says, "Yes for our night time citizens."

Jastalyn hugs Dayzed, who wraps her in a warm embrace.

Jastalyn smiles.

Kilded heartily says, "Ladies of the night and whathaveyou. The riff raff that's here now that the high elves are around."

Jastalyn softly says, "Help yourselves while I go open the barracks."

Kilded heartily says, "Gotta service the troops."

Kilded grumbles.

Jastalyn shakes her head at Kilded and clucks her tongue.

Jastalyn grins.

Arbiter Jastalyn's group just went through a tall narrow arch.