Fenog's Regulars Meeting - 5118-09-05 - Questions on The Icemule-Vaalor Alliance Part 2 (log)

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Imaerasta 5, 5118

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier

Opening the Meeting

Executrix Dirvy just arrived.

Jastalyn smiles at Dirvy.

Dirvy nods to Jastalyn in greeting.

Jastalyn softly says, "Evening."

Dirvy softly says, "Good evening, everyone."

Jastalyn smiles.

Jastalyn softly says, "People may drag in late, we'll see how it goes."

Jastalyn grins.

Dirvy nods at Jastalyn.

Dirvy softly says, "White Haven is still working."

Jastalyn nods.

Diablic says, "Evening everyone."

Speaking softly to Diablic, Dirvy says, "Good evening."

Jastalyn softly says, "Make yourselves at home."

First Legionnaire Esana's group just arrived.

Jastalyn smiles.

Jastalyn stands up.

Esana glances at Jastalyn and clasps her hands in a reverent gesture.

Arshwikk asks, "Really?"

Esana nods in greeting at Jastalyn.

Jastalyn curtsies to Esana.

Jastalyn smiles.

Esana politely says, "Good evening."

Arshwikk asks, "So we can't have a town meeting about the legion without the damn legion being in our face?"

Speaking to Arshwikk, Pietra says, "I have no meat, sorry."

Esana raises an eyebrow.

Jastalyn softly says, "Please, make yourself at home."

Jastalyn winces.

Esana politely says, "I believe we were invited, but if the invitation is rescinded, we can return to Vaalor."

Speaking to Jastalyn, Raxl says, "Thank you."

Olgretien deeply asks, "I thought this was a meetin WITH The Legionaires?"

Leafiara comments, "Well, this has gotten off to an... interesting start."

Arshwikk says, "You could expect no worse treatment in there."

Dirvy folds her hands in her lap.

Jastalyn curtsies to Raxl.

Roblar deeply says, "Evenin."

Speaking to Olgretien, Logeerkamer says, "Hail Fury."

Speaking deeply to Logeerkamer, Olgretien says, "Hail Fenog's."

Speaking formally to Roblar, Esana says, "Good evening to you."

Roblar deeply says, "Many av traveled far for dis meetin."

Speaking deeply to Esana, Roblar says, "Evenin."

An enormous leucistic jaguar hisses loudly!

Speaking to an enormous leucistic jaguar, Arshwikk says, "Yes, I know."

Olgretien deeply asks, "The Mayor couldn make it?"

Jastalyn softly says, "She wasn't sure."

Leafiara remarks, "She was here for the one earlier this afternoon."

Jastalyn softly says, "She may yet."

Arshwikk says, "We can only hope, since it was her unilateral decision..."

Jastalyn softly says, "I think she felt attacked by all the questions this afternoon."

Jastalyn nods.

Jastalyn smiles quietly to herself.

Arshwikk says, "Well, hardly surprising given her lack of forethought."

Jastalyn nods.

Jastalyn softly says, "Or inclusion."

Arshwikk says, "Precisely."

Jastalyn softly says, "We will learn what we can to move forward."

Jastalyn smiles.

Jastalyn softly says, "We'll get started shortly."

Jastalyn softly says, "Miss Dirvy will be facilitating at my request."

Dirvy smiles slightly.

Jastalyn chuckles.

Pietra helps herself to a wine-sauced grilled caribou steak.

The leucistic jaguar turns his head away from Pietra as she brings the steak near him.

Speaking to Pietra, Arshwikk says, "Stop teasing him."

Speaking to Arshwikk, Pietra says, "I was trying to share."

Dirvy softly says, "As a member of ICICLE and the Mayoral Advisory Council in Icemule, this discussion puts me in a rather difficult position. However, given the absence of our Mayor tonight, I will remain respectful of the decisions she has made, and ask that everyone else tries to be respectful in their discussion with each other, as well as about Tawariell."

Dirvy softly says, "So, we will try to do this openly, but if communication breaks down, we will try it a different way. At this time, I would ask anyone to come forward if they have a question for anyone here or about the affairs, current or past, of Icemule."

Question #1, From Logeerkamer: News of Daukhera?

Logeerkamer raises her hand.

Dirvy nods at Logeerkamer.

Logeerkamer asks, "What news of the Queen?"

Dirvy softly says, "We have heard nothing of the Queen, her whereabouts, or what she may be doing, for quite some time. Last we heard, she was still digging in the mountains north of here, to try to uncover her lost village, where lies valuable evidence that she is the rightful ruler of Icemule."

Arshwikk says, "The pretender has not been seen in awhile."

Logeerkamer nods.

Logeerkamer says, "Thank you."

Dirvy softly says, "She did make a trade with Goblyn. She gave Goblyn the coveted tome for a saddle from one of the lost ponies."

Dirvy softly says, "Goblyn also made a deal with the Far Market for the key. She gave them a vial of her blood."

Jastalyn smiles.

Logeerkamer says, "I fear Goblyn more than the Queen."

Dirvy softly says, "But, we can only assume Daukhera has either found what she was looking for and is planning her next move, or Imaera willing, she got buried under an avalanche."

Roblar deeply asks, "Did she ever trade her blood?"

Speaking to Olgretien, Laelithonel says, "Naturally."

Dirvy softly whispers aloud, "Did I say that outloud?"

Dirvy blushes a nice shade of pink.

Roblar deeply says, "Tink she instead offered dem da saddle."

Speaking fondly to Logeerkamer, Leafiara says, "Oh, nothing to fear. Goblyn's very friendly."

Roblar deeply says, "For da key to da tome, which she den borrowed."

Dirvy softly asks, "I thought Daukhera was in possession of the saddle now?"

Speaking to Leafiara, Logeerkamer says, "I have drank her poison...it was pleasant."

Roblar deeply says, "Don't tink so."

Dirvy softly says, "I know she was quite unhappy about Goblyn having it."

Roblar deeply says, "She was a bit irate when she found out what it was."

Dirvy nods at Roblar.

Sothog says, "Since searches for Daukhera's digsite have so far proven fruitless, we may have to approach Goblyin instead, for more information."

Question #2, From Jastalyn: Written Terms?

Jastalyn raises her hand.

Dirvy softly says, "You will have to excuse my misinformation. This happened during a period of time I was... very occupied with other things."

Dirvy chuckles.

Dirvy mutters something about fletching.

Dirvy nods at Jastalyn.

Jastalyn softly says, "I am still unsure why negotiations were not laid out on paper, a treaty of sorts between the leaders of the respective signers."

Jastalyn softly says, "Most of the fear and concern stems from uncertainty."

Roblar deeply says, "Because didn't sound like a treaty or alliance."

Roblar deeply says, "Jus a concession."

Roblar deeply says, "But dunno, wasn't let in da room."

Enestrie says, "It was a concession, out of propriety and politeness, rather than a treaty."

Jastalyn nods.

Sothog says, "I get that impression as well. Yet, it was something of a leap of faith as well."

Enestrie says, "Such things are wrought with honor, and dignity, and faith as well."

Jastalyn softly says, "The Mayor called it an alliance so maybe I'm confused."

Arshwikk says, "Or complete foolishness."

Dirvy softly says, "Well, as Tawariell said earlier, she felt she had no choice. However, it is said that the Chamberlain did ask Tawariell if she wanted to consult with her council, and she declined."

Pietra says, "Gods forbid we're not polite."

Dirvy softly says, "Her declining to consult with her council is her right as Mayor."

Dirvy nods.

Arshwikk says, "Which is where she completely failed our town."

Enestrie says, "That is a matter of opinion, Arshwikk."

Jastalyn softly asks, "Because we have no policy where that position is concerned?"

Dirvy softly says, "It is always easier to see a different path, once all the information is known, in hindsight."

Arshwikk says, "The opinion of any sane political party."

Arshwikk says, "It is unprecedented."

Enestrie says, "The opinion of small minds, sometimes as well."

Laralana says, "I find it a bit much... to concede such things without question... when a simple apology should have sufficed? I mean, we are talking about an indirect percieved insult against Ta'Vaalor, here... Not an act of war."

Arshwikk says, "To allow a former non-ally's standing army free reign of our territory...for NOTHING in return."

Arshwikk asks, "Do you think Vaalor would be so foolish?"

Sothog says, "Unless one counts the goodwill of the other party as a return."

Arshwikk says, "Go there now and see."

Arshwikk says, "Get your permit to enter their city."

Arshwikk says, "Be discriminated against by their merchants."

Arshwikk says, "And I have spoken with King Qalinor on many occasions."

Speaking to himself, Raxl says, "Yes, because this has been so welcoming."

Arshwikk says, "Never this fool chamberlain."

Arshwikk says, "You may quote me on that."

Roblar nods at Arshwikk.

Roblar deeply says, "Av fought wid da Vaalorians."

Arshwikk says, "One citizen's words do not make for the need of an entire town bow down."

Esana says, "If I may, it is passage through this territory."

Olgretien deeply says, "As have I."

Roblar deeply says, "An da King az been of guud character."

Enestrie nods at Esana.

Enestrie turns an inquisitive ear toward Esana.

Speaking softly to Esana, Dirvy asks, "To where?"

Roblar deeply says, "Still don't tink iz wise to give in guud faith based on da public servant's declaration but.."

Speaking to Dirvy, Esana says, "I cannot give information as to troop movements."

Enestrie inclines her head.

Speaking softly to Esana, Dirvy suggests, "The Rift? Pinefar? The Scatter?"

Speaking to Esana, Arshwikk asks, "And what does Vaalor concede to us for this gift?"

Roblar deeply asks, "Perhaps some from Ta'Vaalor kin state who and what was said by dis private citizen of Icemule dat caused such a ruckus?"

Speaking softly to Esana, Dirvy says, "There really is nowhere to go from here."

Dirvy chuckles.

Speaking flatly to Arshwikk, Pietra says, "Nothing."

Speaking to Dirvy, Raxl says, "Those destinations would be stationing troops in your territory, not passing through..."

Arshwikk asks, "Further more, how can we make such a decision when we know not the intent of said army?"

Speaking softly to Raxl, Dirvy asks, "Exactly my point. Where are you going to pass to, when we are sitting at the edge of the "top of the world"?"

Arshwikk says, "Whose actions seem presumptuous and imperialist as far as we can see."

Speaking politely to Arshwikk, Esana says, "In all our histories we have never been known to wage war, to simply take without asking.."

Speaking to Raxl, Laralana says, "Forgive us. I think most of the harsh feelings here are not due to the people of Ta'Vaalor. I think the frustration comes from a unilateral decision made by an elected official without any consult."

Speaking politely to Arshwikk, Esana says, "It will not start now."

Olgretien deeply says, "Their intent is to pass thru, and they will do so with or without our blessin."

Arshwikk says, "I would agree."

Jastalyn smiles.

Jastalyn nods.

Arshwikk says, "Which is why our Mayor should have levereaged something in return or simply refused."

Pietra says, "The elves are also attempting to repatriate the elven village closer to the landing. I find all this a little concerning."

Arshwikk says, "Because the reaction to THAT, would tell us much more."

Question #3, From Kotin: Next Mayor?

Kotin raises his hand.

Dirvy softly says, "Okay, let's calm down a bit. Kotin has something to say."

Arshwikk says, "Instead we know nothing."

Arshwikk says, "And hand over everything."

Roblar deeply says, "Well least dat village an da human empire av agreed."

Kotin says, "Begging pardons .."

Arshwikk says, "Yes."

Arshwikk nods at Roblar.

Kotin asks, "Aren't mayors in office for only a year?"

Roblar deeply says, "Eventually."

Arshwikk says, "That makes it easier in hindsight."

Speaking politely to Pietra, Esana says, "The King is in the process of striking an accord with those of the Elven Village and they have welcomed it."

Kotin says, "Why not resolve this at the next election."

Arshwikk says, "It's a good thing they did too."

Dirvy nods at Kotin.

Jastalyn smiles.

Kotin says, "And makes Icemule Great Again."

Kotin says, "As some might say."

Arshwikk says, "And I am not blaming Vaalor for this...make no mistake about that."

Speaking to Esana, Pietra says, "That's not exactly what I've heard."

Speaking deeply to Kotin, Roblar muses, "Perhaps, der shud be no moar elections."

Kotin asks, "Any of you truly thinks somethings bad will come of this before her term is out?"

Speaking to Arshwikk, Laralana says, "Exactly. Vaalor has no fault here."

Arshwikk says, "But such a hasty decision should never be made again...not one that affects us all."

Roblar deeply says, "Perhaps, dis town needs a firm hand, a commander of sorts."

Speaking thoughtfully to Roblar, Leafiara says, "If you want to be the King of Icemule, I'm all for it."

Arshwikk says, "I think the Mayor owes her people an apology."

Arshwikk shrugs.

Speaking to Pietra, Raxl says, "Word has reached us that the elves of the village welcome the return to Vaalorian presence."

Speaking deeply to Roblar, Olgretien says, "Ya'd hafta marry Daukhera."

Speaking deeply to Leafiara, Roblar says, "First we afta kill a Queen."

Enestrie asks, "Are we here to discuss an accord? Or take aim at the absent Mayor?"

Roblar deeply says, "Because not marryin dat hag."

Arshwikk says, "If we ever even see her again."

Speaking amusedly to Roblar, Pietra says, "She's a little short for you anyways."

Speaking wryly to Enestrie, Leafiara says, "Oh, trust me, people took aim at her when she was here earlier in the afternoon."

Arshwikk says, "Daukhera, that is."

Roblar deeply says, "Though me do like her pets."

Dirvy softly says, "I think part of the problem is Tawariell waited too long to address the public about this deal she made with the Chamberlain. Can we really say she made it with the King? There are rumors out of Ta'Vaalor that the King may not even know about this agreement."

Roblar deeply says, "To train on."

Jastalyn softly says, "Merely voice our concerns in search of answers to our questions."

Leafiara suddenly asks, "What? The King himself might not know?"

Dirvy softly says, "However, it was not until after airships were seen bearing the Ta'Vaalorian banners, that the Mayor chose to quell some of the fears of Icemule's people."

Arshwikk says, "I take issue with this Chamberlain in general."

Speaking softly to Leafiara, Dirvy says, "It is what has been said."

Leafiara frowns at Dirvy.

Leafiara nods understandingly.

Arshwikk says, "One would think somone in such a position might have thicker skin, so to speak."

Leafiara glances at Esana.

Leafiara tentatively asks, "And there's no way to pass word along to him?"

Dirvy softly says, "By a Vaalorian. Not by a citizen of Icemule."

Speaking amusedly to Leafiara, Roblar says, "Perhaps he will av an audience wid some Champions of da Fallen."

Esana says, "The Chamberlain would not offer something the King was not aware of."

Dirvy nods in agreement at Arshwikk.

Roblar deeply says, "You bring wine."

Arshwikk says, "The King may want to consider a new Chamberlain too."

Dirvy nods at Arshwikk.

Suggestions For Tawariell

Dirvy softly asks, "So, what suggestions do you all have that may help the Mayor in this situation?"

Dirvy softly says, "Starting a war is not an option."

Dirvy softly says, "Telling them to go home is probably not an option."

Arshwikk says, "Public apology."

Jastalyn smiles.

Dirvy softly asks, "Who would make this apology?"

Speaking deeply to Dirvy, Roblar says, "She shud see da King and renegotiate."

Speaking to Arshwikk, Raxl asks, "If I may, you seem to be upset because you were not represented as you feel you should have been? Is this correct?"

Leafiara suggests, "Get something in exchange for the--"

Arshwikk says, "The Mayor."

Leafiara nods at Roblar.

Roblar deeply says, "Instead of an underling."

Roblar deeply says, "He iz a fair elf."

Speaking to Raxl, Arshwikk says, "That and I am not fond of your pompous Chamberlain."

Roblar deeply says, "A true military alliance iz acceptable."

Speaking softly to Roblar, Dirvy says, "I was given to understand he was a seasoned war veteran. I cannot say the Chamberlain has painted him as such."

Speaking to Arshwikk, Raxl asks, "And this is important to you? Your representation?"

Roblar nods at Dirvy.

Speaking to Dirvy, Enestrie says, "The person or persons who committed the offensiveness against Va'alor in the first place should have made the public apology."

Roblar deeply says, "He iz a fine fiter."

Roblar agrees with Enestrie.

Roblar deeply asks, "So, who was it?"

Enestrie says, "And not left it to the Mayor to clean up."

Speaking to Raxl, Arshwikk says, "It is important to US our representation, AND yours...you may wish to appoint a proper envoy."

Roblar deeply says, "Shud send da Deputy to tar an feather."

Speaking softly to Enestrie, Dirvy says, "I completely agree. And had they been asked to do so, they would have happily bowed before the King of Ta'Vaalor and only to him, to beg his forgiveness for the good of Icemule."

Arshwikk says, "One more versed in non-elven culture."

Enestrie says, "Especially since the Mayor was put on the spot immediately regarding the offenses."

Speaking softly to Enestrie, Dirvy sighs, "However, they were not asked to do this."

Speaking to Raxl, Pietra says, "We elect our officials, they aren't given divine rights."

Speaking to Arshwikk, Raxl says, "Such is the importance of protocol to the Chamberlain. Everyone has things they are passionate about, and will fight for."

Enestrie says, "Perhaps being outspoken would have aided that person then."

Speaking to Arshwikk, Raxl says, "It is not too much to ask that one converse in a civilized manor when addressing a Monarch. Any Monarch."

Roblar deeply says, "Ah did travel far an wasn't let in da room."

Speaking softly to Enestrie, Dirvy says, "Well, in this instance, they were forbidden by the Mayor to return to Ta'Vaalor as a representative of Icemule."

Speaking softly to Enestrie, Dirvy says, "You know, you were at that meeting."

Roblar deeply says, "Or any of da mayors' peoples ah hear."

Speaking to Enestrie, Arshwikk says, "It is clear she is well liked or she would not have been elected, but she made a mistake."

Speaking softly to Enestrie, Dirvy says, "I guess you could say she tied their hands."

Speaking to Dirvy, Enestrie says, "There was plenty of opportunity before then to make reparation."

Laelithonel says, "There was certainly an acceptable lull in time between th'offense an' th'request made for one t'decide they made a poor choice of words."

Enestrie says, "But alas they were not asked..."

Speaking to Pietra, Raxl says, "We are not like here. We do not have town councils and debates. We do not argue about our representation. We have a King whose word is law. Thankfully, we have a fair and noble one."

Speaking to Raxl, Arshwikk says, "Any Monarch is also mortal. As I said, the King himself is not so easy to offend."

Diablic asks, "How can we be sure it's such a mistake? Or is that just an opinion?"

Speaking softly to Enestrie, Dirvy says, "No, not entirely. It was not known until that council meeting that an offense had been taken. The same meeting that hands were tied."

Speaking amusedly to Raxl, Pietra says, "And we, sir, do not."

Speaking politely to Arshwikk, Esana says, "Please understand, we have traditions and protocol, anyone could have reached out to one of us and asked how to properly address our King."

Speaking to Arshwikk, Raxl says, "And others here are not so upset as to the manner of their representation. My point exactly, everyone has their own personal passions."

Speaking to Raxl, Arshwikk says, "Your Chamberlain is simply a poor choice to deal with other cultures given his reactions."

Arshwikk asks, "Do you or do you not wish allies?"

Arshwikk says, "It's simple."

Arshwikk says, "Your traditions do not rule all the lands."

Arshwikk says, "Perhaps if you had asked an Ardenai you might know this."

Jastalyn softly says, "Neither do ours though."

Roblar deeply says, "See, even ere we av elven armor."

Arshwikk says, "We did not come to them for help."

Arshwikk exclaims, "They came to US!"

Speaking to Arshwikk, Raxl says, "Careful. I nearly thought you implied that House Vaalor NEEDED a small burg in an unstrategic location."

Dirvy passes a hand over her flawless snowy white face.

Jastalyn softly says, "But now we must deal with what has happened so we can all move forward."

Speaking to Raxl, Arshwikk says, "Do not test me squire."

Jastalyn softly says, "Please."

Esana strides over to stand before Raxl.

Dirvy softly says, "All right, let's return back to actual constructive discussion. There was a decision that was made that people are displeased with."

Speaking to Arshwikk, Esana says, "If you wish to take anything out on anyone, you are free to take it out on me, but please do not attack a Squire."

Dirvy softly says, "There is no take backs, the decision has been made."

Logeerkamer says, "Gentlemen, please control yourselves."

Dirvy softly asks, "So, what do we do from this point, to either adjust to the decision, or change how we react to it?"

Arshwikk says, "I am not attacking anyone lest they bring war to my doorstep."

Roblar deeply says, "Am watchin an waitin."

Olgretien deeply says, "Well, I've heard about enough bitchin whinin moanin and complainin for one night."

Speaking deeply to Raxl, Olgretien says, "There is a small Fortress out the west gates of our town. If your cmommanders need a place to rest on their way thru pleas feel free to use it. There is a map room if you need it for planning."

Speaking to Arshwikk, Esana says, "And we are not here to bring war."

Speaking to Arshwikk, Enestrie says, "Please contain your opinions then."

Roblar deeply says, "Perhaps da queen will show herself agin."

Dirvy softly says, "They say they want to pass through Icemule, but nobody can actually say where they are going, since there is basically one way in and one way out."

Dirvy softly says, "They have not said for how long they plan to pass through Icemule."

Arshwikk says, "This is not a court of kings, our opinions are free here."

Roblar deeply says, "She iz da true prollem, not dose to da east, until shown otherwise."

Arshwikk says, "This is EXACTLY my point."

Dirvy nods at Roblar.

Jastalyn softly says, "Which is funny we wish clarification."

Speaking to Olgretien, Raxl says, "Much gratitude, though I have seen no indication any will be actually stopping within your borders."

Sothog says, "For now, 'wait and see' would be the appropriate policy."

Dirvy nods at Jastalyn.

Arshwikk says, "You expect everyone to blindly know your traditions while you seem to impose those same traditions on those who do not share them."

Dirvy softly says, "I do not think asking for a little clarification is too much to ask."

Speaking deeply to Dirvy, Roblar says, "Well, not by air."

Roblar deeply says, "But aye, am curious maself."

Dirvy softly says, "I am sure there are certain protocols to go about doing that, but Tawariell is a smart girl, she can figure it out."

Dirvy nods at Roblar.

Arshwikk says, "It's absurd."

Roblar deeply says, "Tiz a bit remoter and far off from da Fortress."

Jastalyn softly says, "We wish, not funny, so many distractions. Apologies."

Arshwikk says, "Much like the mayor's hasty decision without consulting anyone, though she was even given the opportunity."

Sothog says, "I will grant, however, it would be helpful if we understood the destination and purpose of these trips over our local territory."

Enestrie leans against a display case.

Speaking softly to Arshwikk, Dirvy says, "As I said, it is easier to see a different path, once all the information is known. She went in, with no information whatsoever, and felt she had to make a decision based on what one side presented to her, for the good of Icemule."

Sothog says, "Sometimes command decisions may have to be made without benefit of counsel."

Speaking to Arshwikk, Raxl says, "If I come here tonight to speak to you, I learn common because that is the language spoken here. It is my responsibility in reaching out to another culture not to offend."

Enestrie says, "Which the Mayor pointed out on several occasions."

Enestrie nods at Sothog.

Speaking to Arshwikk, Leafiara acknowledges, "She might have felt pressured on the spot. And I could understand it if that's what happened, but it's not how she presented the story earlier this afternoon."

Arshwikk says, "I just can't see how anyone can think it was for the good of Icemule with no information beyond hurt feelings."

Jastalyn softly says, "She should have taken caution and adoided the fallout."

Laralana agrees with Leafiara.

Speaking to Leafiara, Arshwikk says, "If she did, she is weak, and that bodes ill for this town as well for the rest of her term."

Dirvy softly says, "However, the Chamberlain did ask her pointedly if she wished to delay her decision, so she could speak with her council. She chose not to speak to them. Perhaps not the best decision, but at the time, she felt it was."

Leafiara says, "Well... like I said, she presented the story and stood by her decision as a good one. But I'd agree, even that option wouldn't bode well."

Leafiara nods at Arshwikk.

Jastalyn softly says, "What's done is done, let's work it out."

Fears and Feelings

Enestrie asks, "Do we feel occupied? Have the Va'alorians impeded upon regular daily activities, business, life in Icemule as a rule?"

Enestrie gazes with interest at her surroundings.

Roblar deeply says, "Nay."

Enestrie says, "I have not felt their presence."

Roblar deeply says, "Perhaps dey bring me guuds."

Roblar smacks his lips.

Arshwikk says, "The Chamberlain at least knows that much of his job, indeed."

Speaking to Enestrie, Esana says, "Nor will we."

Enestrie asks, "Anyone in this room feeling that way?"

Speaking to Enestrie, Sothog says, "Not I."

Jastalyn softly says, "People are informed and fearful."

Laelithonel looks over at Enestrie and shakes her head.

Roblar deeply says, "However.."

Enestrie agrees with Esana.

Enestrie asks, "So we are afraid, of what?"

Roblar deeply says, "Da other part of da decision me did not like dat was forever."

Roblar deeply says, "From what me heard."

Enestrie says, "We have no evidence of anything but airships passing over our heads."

Dirvy softly says, "It is also a difficult position to be in, when you are faced with a situation you know nothing about, and someone's feelings are clearly upset because of it. It is natural for us to want to make amends."

Roblar deeply asks, "Travel through permission for all time?"

Roblar deeply asks, "Was dat correct?"

Jastalyn softly says, "Our differences in policies I think."

Arshwikk says, "I do not feel occupied standing before the King of Vaalor, surrounded by his squires, in disagreement, so that is an absurd question to be fair."

Roblar deeply says, "Dat iz quite a gift."

Jastalyn nods at Dirvy.

Roblar deeply says, "When you are sovereign."

Speaking to Enestrie, Kotin says, "I nots afraid ... I'm just wondering why everyone else is concerned ... at the very least, can has a new mayor next year and we can happily work with Tawariell now ... she deserves that."

Speaking softly to Jastalyn, Dirvy says, "Well, people are not well-informed, which is why they are fearful."

Raxl asks, "Never in its history has House Vaalor been the aggressor and yet repeatedly it has defended others. Has the west not heard of ShadowGuard and the sacrifice there that allowed others to regroup saving even the west from Despana's horde?"

Enestrie asks, "So none of you have anything, have witnessed anything negative about this arrangement, you are just speaking of "fear?"

Jastalyn nods at Dirvy.

Enestrie asks, "Really?"

Kotin says, "I must makes my leave ... I shall learns more from the records when theys are posted."

Arshwikk says, "Of course they have."

Enestrie nods at Kotin.

Roblar deeply says, "Aye, me state dat not because Ta'Vaalor but for any outside peoples to another people."

Roblar deeply says, "But, az was said what was decided az been decided."

Roblar deeply says, "So.."

Dirvy nods at Roblar.

Raxl shakes his head.

Dirvy softly says, "So we move forward with that decision."

Roblar deeply asks, "When do we get to kill some demons or something..together?"

Enestrie says, "Since we are discussing unfounded fears, I feel I must go face my own fear... in the Rift."

Enestrie grins at Diablic.

Roblar deeply says, "Send out groups up da mountain."

Arshwikk says, "But I've also fought pretty regularly to defend Vaalor and they are not without fault or need themselves."

Roblar deeply says, "Find what da witch iz up to."

Speaking to Roblar, Raxl says, "We have flooding. You can come swim with us."

Speaking softly to Roblar, Dirvy says, "No more demons."

Roblar deeply says, "Aye, me heard sorry to hear dat."

Speaking politely to Arshwikk, Esana says, "I remember, I have fought by your side, raised you with my own spirit a time or two."

Roblar deeply says, "Ta'Vaalor was often like Icemule to da East, of late."

Dirvy nods at Roblar.

Roblar deeply says, "Imagine if Thaw had melted dis surroundin snow."

Speaking to Esana, Enestrie says, "Be well, and know I support you and will always come to aid in times of need."

Arshwikk says, "Much less than your own legion, I assure you."

Roblar deeply says, "We'd be a vast lake."

Speaking softly to Roblar, Dirvy says, "It would all run down to the Landing."

Roblar deeply says, "Perhaps."

Speaking respectfully to Enestrie, Esana says, "Thank you."

Speaking softly to Roblar, Dirvy says, "And maybe sweep away with it a dozen halflings."

Dirvy frowns.

Speaking to Arshwikk, Esana says, "I helped you as much."

Roblar deeply says, "Prolly da Blue Glacier mountains wud block in da tundra wud fill up wid water."

Speaking to Raxl, Enestrie says, "Please be well, and go with Lorminstra's guidance."

Speaking softly to Roblar, Dirvy asks, "You free later to help build taller walls?"

Dirvy chuckles.

Roblar deeply says, "Den me wud need to build a new fortress."

Speaking to Arshwikk, Esana says, "And if permitted, even with your aggressiveness towards me, I still would."

Jastalyn smiles.

Speaking to Esana, Arshwikk says, "I am not aggressive towards you...that is not something unfelt if it is so."

Speaking to Arshwikk, Esana says, "Towards my people, is towards me. They are my family, my culture, my heritage."

Speaking softly to Arshwikk, Dirvy says, "You two can argue later. Or kill each other. But in private."

Dirvy nods at Arshwikk.

Speaking deeply to Dirvy, Roblar exclaims, "Buildin walls!"

Speaking politely to Dirvy, Esana says, "My sincerest apologies."

Esana glances at Dirvy and clasps her hands in a reverent gesture.

Dirvy softly says, "We need to focus on how we can quell the fears of the people and visitors of Icemule."

Roblar deeply says, "Will pay some dwarves."

Speaking softly to Roblar, Dirvy exclaims, "It is on the agenda!"

Roblar deeply says, "Fine stonework."

Arshwikk says, "No family is perfect."

Dirvy agrees with Arshwikk.

Speaking to Arshwikk, Esana says, "True, yet we love and defend them just the same."

Esana smiles at Arshwikk.

Roblar deeply says, "Dat sound guud, shud build stronger defenses."

Roblar deeply says, "We may be away from others but magic has brought da world closer."

Roblar deeply says, "An av seen much of da world.."

Roblar deeply says, "Iz can be beautiful, but also often dangerous."

ICICLE Chairwoman Dirvy's Statements and Jastalyn's Call For Ideas

Dirvy softly says, "It is difficult for me to take this situation serious, knowing all of the details as I do, and having never once been asked about them by anyone outside of ICICLE, except once. And while as Chairwoman of ICICLE, I must respect the decision of our Mayor, because I love Icemule and her people above all others, I cannot say it was the right decision. Or that it was an easy one to make."

Speaking to Roblar, Arshwikk says, "It's in the works."

Roblar nods approvingly at Arshwikk.

Jastalyn softly asks, "So what solution can bring us peace?"

Jastalyn softly asks, "Ideas?"

Roblar deeply says, "A formal alliance."

Jastalyn nods.

Pietra says, "Free airship rides over town to all Icemulians."

Roblar deeply says, "Not subservient as da terms now stand."

Arshwikk agrees with Roblar.

Leafiara nods absently at Roblar.

Dirvy softly says, "But the decision was made. It is something we will soon face. Do I think it will be a total occupation of a foreign legion? No. Do I think they have ulterior motives? Probably, what army doesn't? Is it necessarily a bad decision to let them travel through Icemule? Probably not. Like I said, there is really nowhere for them to go. If they want to travel to the rift, I hope they offer free rides to citizens in the future on their airships."

Roblar deeply says, "But equals, defendin each other when danger befalls one or da other or both."

Speaking to Roblar, Raxl says, "Allowing a potential ally to fly through your skies is not exactly subservient..."

Roblar deeply says, "We may well, or many peoples of each help each other anyways but a treaty wud be longer lastin an offer security."

Roblar deeply says, "Moar trade."

Arshwikk says, "We have gained no concession."

Arshwikk nods at Roblar.

Roblar nods at Raxl.

Dirvy softly says, "But I do think we need clarification on where they plan to travel to, for how long they plan to travel through Icemule, and what we can expect in return from this accord."

Arshwikk says, "Fair trade."

Roblar deeply says, "Twas as someone said a leap of faith."

Roblar nods at Raxl.

Leafiara nods in agreement at Dirvy.

Speaking softly to Raxl, Zaaknafien says, "Potential ally is not the same as a formal alliance though."

Roblar deeply says, "Not in disrepect to Ta'vaalorian culture, but just in negotiation of anythin wid another culture, any culture."

Jastalyn nods at Roblar.

Esana nods once at Roblar.

Roblar deeply says, "But.."

Roblar shrugs.

Roblar deeply says, "Perhaps it shall lead to one."

Dirvy softly says, "Because, in all honesty, I do not think "the King's feelings will no longer be hurt" is any sort of benefit to Icemule. I am sorry he took offense to being called stubborn and proud. However, I am also sorry those words were from the mouth of one of his own citizens, and not mine."

Speaking to Roblar, Raxl says, "Not that I have any authority at all, but as a citizen of Ta'Vaalor I think fair trade would be wonderful."

Roblar deeply says, "Wudn't bother m much if it was of limited time."

Roblar deeply asks, "But kin anyone say if it was for all time as was claimed?"

Roblar frowns.

Roblar deeply says, "Dat does bother me."

Speaking softly to Roblar, Dirvy asks, "Who said this?"

Roblar deeply says, "Not sure."

Roblar deeply says, "Rumors."

Roblar smiles.

Roblar deeply asks, "Anyone know?"

Roblar deeply says, "Dat was der."

Dirvy softly says, "I cannot imagine Tawariell making a decision that would allow anyone an open-ended invitation. Either way, if that agreement was made, the next Mayor may choose not to honor it."

Jastalyn softly says, "I do not know."

Dirvy shrugs at Roblar.

Roblar nods.

Roblar nods at Dirvy.

Roblar deeply says, "Was ma thought but still."

Roblar deeply says, "Dat wud injure our reputation."

Arshwikk says, "True."

Dirvy softly says, "Perhaps."

Arshwikk sighs.

Arshwikk says, "This is why she has a town council."

Jastalyn softly says, "We can bring these questions to the mayor at the council meeting."

Jastalyn nods.

Roblar deeply says, "Rengoatiatin directly wid da King at some point in da future da only way to satisfy da local Icemulians widout injuriin our word to da outside world."

Leafiara nods in agreement at Roblar.

Dirvy softly says, "Perhaps she has not grown to trust her council yet. It is made up of several who do not readily toe the line."

Jastalyn smiles.

Jastalyn softly asks, "As in whom?"

Dirvy points at herself.

Jastalyn chuckles.

Speaking to Dirvy, Pietra says, "You don't toe the line? You've got to be kidding."

Pietra winks at Dirvy and flashes a sly grin.

Dirvy softly says, "As council member, I represent ICICLE."

Dirvy begins chuckling at Pietra!

Arshwikk says, "She gave the word of the town, whether we like it or not, we must honor it or look like uncivilized folks unworthy of future alleigance or trade."

Dirvy nods at Arshwikk.

Arshwikk says, "But I still say she owes her people an apology."

Jastalyn softly says, "And I represent Fenog's."

Dirvy softly says, "I think, as Enestrie suggested, though this was my own suggestion when it first came out just why the King was offended, an apology to the King should have sufficed."

Arshwikk adopts an agreeable expression.

Jastalyn softly says, "Don't hesitate to speak, we will take your concerns to her."

Dirvy softly says, "What I had said exactly was, "If I was Tawariell, I would have marched my tush right out to Ta'Vaalor and made me apology." Not like asking would have hurt anything. I would have happily done it."

Dirvy softly says, "What I said was not said to upset the King. It was more disbelief that his own people feel that he was like that and would not accept outside help when Icemule was in a better position to help with what they were dealing with, than other towns."

Speaking to Dirvy, Raxl says, "Than you do not understand the role Honor plays in our culture. What passes as a joke, or simple slight in other culutures is not always so in ours. His Majesty's honor was impuned. That is not something taken lightly among my people."

Jastalyn nods.

Arshwikk says, "Yes, but our town must not be punished for having Dirvy, it is enough of a sufferage in and of itself."

Arshwikk gazes heavenward.

Speaking softly to Raxl, Dirvy says, "I do not see being called stubborn or proud as a joke. Or an insult. Having been called both myself frequently."

Dirvy pinches Arshwikk!

Speaking softly to Arshwikk, Dirvy says, "I can fire you."

Dirvy chuckles.

Esana says, "I am not sure where information that we would not accept outside help, as we had food sent to us from other elven houses."

Jastalyn appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Raxl nods in agreement.

Arshwikk says, "But...I've never been paid yet."

Dirvy softly says, "It was just something that was said to me during my time there."

Dirvy softly says, "I was told the citizens were cold and starving, because the crops had frozen over."

Dirvy softly says, "In fact, Laralana has prepared a statement, if you would all give her a minute."

Raxl says, "We also received shipments of nuts from the Aelotoi town."

Dirvy softly says, "She did so, because I was asked to moderate this discussion, and coming from me, it would not seem right. But, it is factual."

Dirvy chuckles.

Jastalyn nods at Dirvy.

ICICLE Vice Chairwoman Laralana's Statement

Laralana says, "Forgive me, this might be a bit long. But I want to make an official statement of the facts about the offense, because the people should know exactly what occured."

Laralana nods.

Jastalyn nods.

Laralana says, "Also, I am the Vice Chairwoman of ICICLE, for those that don't know."

Laralana smiles.

Laralana nods.

Laralana says, "The first offense that we are aware of dates back to the beginning of this year, and it occured at court being held in Solhaven. The Mayor's office, while still under the administration of our late Mayor Nihala, requested that ICICLE form an ambassadorial committee, and begin outreach to other communities. ICICLE did not "take it upon ourselves" to reach out, we were specifically asked to do so."

Dirvy nods.

Laralana says, "Our former Historian, Arnylon Cossett, was the ambassador to Solhaven at that time. He began his statement to the officials of Vornavis with something along the lines of - though I come bearing no lavish gifts... - and, it is my understanding, that there was a dignitary there from Illistim that took offense to this statement as they *did* bring a lavish gift. And from there, I believe the officials in Ta'Vaalor took offense on behalf of all the Elven Nations. I am fairly sure this choice of wording was not meant to offend, and I do not believe I, personally, would've taken offense had I been there and offered a lavish gift. But, be that as it may, we do acknowledge it happened."

Dirvy nods at Laralana.

Laralana says, "Following this incident, at the behest of the Mayor's office (still under Nihala), ICICLE sent a missive to the officials in Ta'Vaalor, extending an offer at diplomacy and requesting to enter talks about possible trade, friendship, and alliance. Their reply came in the form of a very scathing, strongly worded letter from the chaimberlain asserting that it was an absolute "no" and he would not be passing our request on to the king at all. ICICLE took this as it was stated, we made no reply, and moved on. As a group, we were of the opinion that respecting the wishes of the Ta'Vaalorian officials was the most appropriate thing to do."

Laralana nods.

Laralana slowly empties her lungs.

Dirvy nods.

Laralana says, "Now, this brings me to the second offense. During the Festival of Lumnea this year, ICICLE's chairwoman, Dirvy Britbane, and her husband were on holiday in Ta'Illistim to attend the festival goings-on. During this visit, a Ta'Vaalorian citizen that she was aquainted with saw her and told her of a Sylvan child that had been seen in Ta'Vaalor wielding some sort of magical stick. Chairwoman Britbane and her husband made the trek to Ta'Vaalor to investigate these happenings, as ICICLE was involved in the search for whatever magical artifact the Far Market wanted to trade for the tome key, and they thought this might somehow relate."

Dirvy softly says, "It turned out not to be an item the Far Market would be interested in."

Laralana nods in agreement at Dirvy.

Laralana coughs.

Laralana says, "In the course of this visit, Chairwoman Britbane became aquainted with some of the locals, and began discussion regarding some of the winter conditions they had been experiencing. These people told her of how the crops had frozen over and many of the people of Ta'Vaalor were starving and cold because they were so unaccustomed to such harsh weather. Chairwoman Britbane then suggested that perhaps she could work on having Icemule contribute some supplies, as Icemule certainly knows what it takes to endure the cold. One of the Ta'Vaalorian citizens she was speaking with informed her, quite pointedly, that the Ta'Vaalorian king was too proud and stubborn to accept outside help. Chairwoman Britbane then stated- "Surely he wouldn't be too proud and stubborn to accept help that is willingly and freely given."."

Dirvy nods.

Laralana says, "At this point, a Ta'Vaalorian guard, that was apparently lurking nearby, came in, made a show of taking a few notes, offered a bit of snide commentary regarding outsiders and the King already requesting help from the Ta'Nalfein. This was the end of the incident, and apparantly the source of this incredible offense against Ta'Vaalor. Following this exchange, Chairwoman Britbane left Ta'Vaalor and returned to Ta'Illitim and their vacation. At the end of the festival, she and her husband returned to Icemule, and have not been back since that time."

Dirvy softly says, "That is the whole of the offenses."

Laralana says, "And so, with the knowledge of what has actually transpired, I'll leave you to form your opinions as to whether some sort of recompense WAS owed, and if it was anything more than a verbal apology for the misunderstandings."

Laralana nods.

Laralana smiles.

Laralana sits down.

Dirvy softly says, "If there are claims about any other offenses, they are either untrue or embellished."

Arshwikk says, "That sounds more like assuming the King has a better character than anything otherwise, to me."

Arshwikk says, "I am hardly surprised a Vaalor guard randomly took offense to the spoken words of another non-vaalorian."

Dirvy softly says, "I am not convinced the King himself is offended."

Dirvy nods at Arshwikk.

Pietra says, "Oh that would be rich. Much ado and such."

Diablic asks, "Then who is?"

Dirvy softly says, "I think someone under his employ believes he might be offended, had he heard it."

Speaking softly to Diablic, Dirvy says, "The Chamberlain."

Dirvy softly asks, "Would you really go to your King or Queen and tell them someone called you stubborn or proud?"

Esana politely says, "If I may..."

Speaking softly to Diablic, Dirvy says, "No, you would probably just assume they would take offense and handle it yourself."

Dirvy turns to face Esana.

Jastalyn nods at Esana.

Speaking to Dirvy, Diablic says, "The Vaalorians are very proper in everything they do. It could be a respect to go "up the ladder" so to speak."

Esana politely says, "I was actually one of the delegates sent to Solhaven. I was named an Ambassador specifically for my people.."

Speaking softly to Diablic, Dirvy asks, "Yes, but do you really want to be the one relaying offensive words to your King?"

Dirvy nods at Esana.

Speaking to Dirvy, Diablic says, "If I wanted in his good graces, yes."

Esana politely continues, "There was a bit more said than just lavish gifts."

Arshwikk says, "It seems misquoted to me anyway."

Speaking to Dirvy, Diablic says, "I am not saying you are incorrect, just playing devils advocate."

Speaking to Esana, Laralana says, "I have only what I know. He's not been in the lands for quite some time. This was what he reported at the time."

Speaking softly to Esana, Dirvy asks, "I am sure there was, but did Arnylon specifically speak to any one person there, or was it just a generalization?"

Dirvy nods at Diablic.

Speaking to Dirvy, Esana says, "It was a generalization towards the elven delegation, and as I was a part of that, the insult was shared amongst us all."

Speaking to Esana, Laralana asks, "I apologize for my misinformation, I was under the impression that only delgates from Ta'Illistim were there. What was said beyond the comment about lavish gifts?"

Speaking softly to Esana, Dirvy says, "But, I am sure there were other elves present at court that day. Did they take offense? Or would they have? My point is, we cannot always take offense to one's... shall we say, misunderstanding of another's culture or protocols."

Speaking softly to Esana, Dirvy says, "Perhaps he did not realize it was proper to bring a gift to court. Perhaps he did not realize saying that he was without such a gift would offend those who did bring one."

Speaking politely to Dirvy, Esana says, "I do not wish to argue, I am only trying to assist in helping others understand why the slight was felt in Ta'Vaalor."

Arshwikk asks, "Are we now judging entire towns by the actions of an individual citizen anyway?"

Arshwikk asks, "Have you SEEN the way some of your legion treats others?"

Speaking softly to Esana, Dirvy says, "I am certainly not arguing. I am merely pointing out his lack of understanding elves and their customs, and the lack of understanding of the elves to his."

Esana politely says, "It seems to me, this conversation perhaps taken off course and we are perhaps hurting more than helping the discussion."

Esana politely adds, "It may be time for us to take our leave."

Concluding the Meeting

Jastalyn nods.

Jastalyn softly says, "Oh."

Dirvy softly says, "I think everything that can be said, has been said, between the two meetings."

Speaking sincerely to Jastalyn, Esana says, "I do thank you again for your invitation."

Dirvy nods at Jastalyn.

Jastalyn softly says, "I was agreeing with the first statement."

Speaking softly to Arshwikk, Zaaknafien asks, "If not, I would gladly go walk by so they could hear the remarks that would be made about me, should we then take offense?"

Esana glances at Jastalyn and clasps her hands in a reverent gesture.

Esana inclines her head.

Jastalyn stands up.

Speaking softly to Arshwikk, Dirvy says, "Well, admit it. Arnylon and I are no average citizen. We are sometimes loud and obnoxious."

Dirvy starts chortling.

Jastalyn softly says, "We thank you for your attendance, may we educate our societies."

Arshwikk says, "Oh trust me, all you need to do is offer advice after an attack and you'll have some guard barking at you about how dare you tell them what to do or something."

Speaking respectfully to Jastalyn, Esana says, "I thank you."

Jastalyn curtsies to Esana.

Esana glances at Jastalyn and clasps her hands in a reverent gesture.

Raxl bows to Jastalyn.

Esana inclines her head.

Jastalyn curtsies to Raxl.

Jastalyn softly says, "Safe travels."

Dirvy waves her hand in a dismissive gesture.

Jastalyn smiles.

Speaking to Esana, Laralana says, "Thank you for the clarification. Do be safe in your travels. Your candor was appreciated."

Speaking to Jastalyn, Raxl says, "Thank you once again for your hospitality."

Esana inclines her head.

Esana smiles.

Jastalyn smiles.

Speaking softly to Arshwikk, Dirvy says, "I would never do such a thing. I can barely keep myself alive. I would never advise anyone to do anything I ever do in battle."

Dirvy chuckles.

Speaking softly to Esana, Dirvy says, "Thank you for coming."

Speaking softly to Raxl, Dirvy says, "You, as well."

Jastalyn smiles.

Esana's group just went through some massive double doors.

Jastalyn just went over and threw herself down on the chair.

Jastalyn slowly empties her lungs.

Pietra says, "Hopefully they weren't offended."

Speaking softly to Jastalyn, Dirvy says, "Good job. Nobody killed anyone. I always see that as a plus."

Pietra says, "Gods know what would come of that."

Dirvy chuckles.

Arshwikk says, "Yes, we would not want to infect them with logic and fair points."

Arshwikk says, "Best they be off."

Speaking softly to Arshwikk, Dirvy says, "I am about to beat you with my sceptre, if you do not settle down."

Dirvy chuckles.

Arshwikk says, "I honestly find it laughable they are offended by the words of any one citizen when NOT EVEN within their own walls."

Jastalyn softly says, "So tense. I did not restrict the meeting or invite anyone in particular. I'm hoping we can help our town. it's all I want."

Leafiara opines, "I thought that was probably less tense than the earlier one, honestly."

Arshwikk says, "Well, we are not at war."

Arshwikk says, "It will be fine."

Jastalyn smiles at Leafiara.

Arshwikk says, "The Vaalorians, as they said, are not warmongers."