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Festival of the Fallen was a free festival held the 18-20th of Imaerasta 5115 (September 18-20, 2015).

The Festival of the Fallen officially opened at two in the afternoon, as the elves tell time, on Day of the Huntress, the 18th day of Imaerasta. The grounds can be accessed by a verdant path southeast of Annatto Gate along the Neartofar road outside of Ta'Vaalor. (10498) In addition, for the duration of the festival, identification papers will be temporarily suspended within the Fortress.



We have about 20 different items/services that will be going out via raffle or auction, so keep your eyes and ears open!

Friday Events

Date Time Selection Item(s) Ticket
Location Eligibility
9/18/15 6:00 PM ET Raffle Greater Mood 25k "Protect and Serve Wagon Yard" 24004 (Closest Room) Citizen Only - Must Be Present
9/18/15 6:30 PM ET Raffle Sonic Alter 25k "Siren's Wood, Riverbank" 22453 (Closest Room) Bard Only - Must Be Present
9/18/15 7:00 PM ET Raffle Spectacles 50k "Inner Walkway, Bonfire" 24012 Open - Must Be Present
9/18/15 7:30 PM ET Raffle Great Mood 50k "Siren's Wood, Path" 17885 Open - Must Be Present
9/18/15 7:45 PM ET Raffle Lockpick Bracer 50k "Siren's Wood, Carnations" 24000 Open - Must Be Present
9/18/15 8:00 PM ET Raffle Portable Wine Press 50k "The Gilded Longsword, Lounge" 24022 Open - Must Be Present
9/18/15 8:30 PM ET Raffle 4/+5 Enchant slots (Nothing over 5x finished enchant) 50k "Inner Walkway, Blacksmith" 24021 Open - Must Be Present
9/18/15 9:30 PM ET Raffle 1/+5 Enchant (Nothing over 8x finished) 100k Blacksmith, Coal Storage 24041 Open - Must Be Present
9/18/15 10:00 PM ET Raffle Permabless 50k "Siren's Wood, Riverbank" 22453 Open - Must Be Present
  • Enchanting
    • +5 enchant to an eligible weapon.
    • Ending enchant cannot exceed +25.
    • Weapon cannot have more than heavy crit/damage weighting.
    • No claidhmores or katanas.
    • Naginatas must be +0 to be eligible.
    • There is an extra charge for this service depending on the weapon.

Saturday Events

Date Time Selection Item(s) Ticket
Location Eligibility
9/19/15 10:30 AM ET Auction Custom Loresong N/A "Silk Pavilion, Garden" 22455 Open - Must Be Present
9/19/15 11:00 AM ET Raffle Animal Companion Grooming 50k "Gimme Shelter, Private Quarters" 23994 (Closest Room) Ranger Only - Must Be In Game
9/19/15 12:00 PM ET Raffle Pre QC'd Sig Verb 50k "Siren's Wood, Convergence" 23992 Open - Must Be In Game
9/19/15 12:30 PM ET Raffle 4 Gorey Weapons 50k "Gimme Shelter" 23994 Open - Must Be Present
9/19/15 5:00 PM ET Raffle Voln Armor script adding, T1, 2 winners 75k Inner Walkway, Blacksmith (24021) Open - Must Be Present (no swapping)
9/19/15 5:00 PM ET Raffle Voln Armor Add/Unlock up to T2, 1 winner 100k Inner Walkway, Blacksmith (24021) Open - Must Be Present (no swapping)
9/19/15 5:30 PM ET Raffle Voln Armor Add/Unlock T1, T2, and T3 (3 raffles) 75k, 100k, 150k Voln Outpost, Meditation Chamber (21643) Voln Members - Must Be Present
9/19/15 7:00 PM ET Spin Grobey Shield Script Adding ??k Gimme Shelter, Private quarters (23994 Closest Room) Open - Must Be Present
9/19/15 10:30 PM ET Raffle 3 Common Flares then 2 Uncommon Flare Sports 25k Points and Polish (22452) Open - Must Be Present
9/19/15 11:10pm ET Raffle Custom Signature Verb, 3 winners 25k Siren's Wood, Bubbler (22449) Open - Must Be In Game
  • Animal Companion Grooming
    • The ranger MUST have a companion at the time of the win.
    • This is a delayed service, as it has to go through QC.
  • Flares
    • Common Flares
      • Heat
      • Cold
      • Electricity
      • Impact
      • Vacuum
      • Mana (Adding +1 up to total max of +2)
      • Acuity (Adding 1x up to a max of 4x)
    • Uncommon
      • Acid
      • Unbalance
    • Any enchant.
    • No Claidhmores, naginatas, or katanas.
    • No mechanical scripts.
    • Extra charges per item.

Sunday Events

Date Time Selection Item(s) Ticket
Location Eligibility
9/20/15 9:00 AM ET Spin 2 Creature Bane ??k ?? GOS Members - Must Be Present
9/20/15 9:30 AM ET Spin 3 Creature Bane ??k ?? Open - Must Be Present
9/20/15 2:00 PM ET to 5:00 PM ET N/A Arena Tournament N/A Arena Combatants selected by Raffle
9/20/15 9:00 PM ET to 10:00 PM ET N/A Grand Ball N/A ?? Open
9/20/15 10:00 PM ET Auction Unclaimed Certificate Services (if any) and Twilight Parlor) N/A (24013) Open - Must Be Present
9/20/15 10:29 PM ET Raffle Goat Pin) 25k Inner Walkway, Tavern (24010) Open - Must Be Present within 5 minutes
  • Creature bane!
    • +10 AS vs orcs, +10 AS vs giants, or 13% fire flares against trolls.
    • No weapon over +35.
    • No claidhmores, nagintas, or katanas.
    • No other special abilities on a weapon are allowed.
    • There is an additional fee to have this added to your weapon.
    • Flares cannot go above +10. If you have weighting, padding, DS boost, or AS boost, those can stack and go above +10.
    • Can only have one property for the bane. Can either have flares, or weighting, or +AS, etc. Can't combine them.

Grand Ball

Toward the conclusion of the festival, there will be a ball, so dress to impress! King Qalinor will be in attendance, so no weapons will be allowed in the pavilion, except those carried by a select few who will be guarding the King closely.


A coliseum has been built in the festival grounds with four practice arenas and one main arena. In the arenas you can fight against each other. A maximum of two people can be in a specific arena at any one time. No spells over level 10 can be used. The cloak of shadows retribution effect will be disabled as well. No taking familiars, animal companions, demons, etc in with you. You have to fight on your own. If someone is already in an arena when you try to enter, you'll be told who is there. Each arena has a viewing room, so people can watch the fights and yell or heckle. If you die in the arena, medics are on-hand to move you to the infirmary and get you cleaned up; let it be noted that you will not lose deeds if you die. You will also be charged a small fee for being tended to by the medical staff. The only compensation you get for killing each other is bragging rights. Any fighting done in the arenas will be considered consensual.

Combatant Selection

Contestants for the grand tournament will be chosen by citizen only raffles in all cities (Ta'Vaalor, Ta'Illistim, Cysaegir, Zul Logoth, Icemule, Solhaven, River's Rest, Kharam Dzu, Wehnimer's Landing, and Mist Harbor). A total of four contestants from each town will be selected to represent their town in the tournament. If four names are not drawn in a town, a new raffle, that is open to everyone, will be set up in that town to fill the remaining slots. We'll announce when and where these raffles will be set up shortly. The raffles are not restricted by level, so players of any level may participate (tournament will not be bracketed by level so enter at your own risk). The top two combatants will be awarded custom post-name titles.

  • Cysaegir: Archales
  • Icemule Trace: Roblar
  • Kharam Dzu: Rolfard
  • Mist Harbor: Durakar and Barthollomew
  • River's Rest: Neovik
  • Solhaven: Bristenn, Ceyrin, and Alisaire
  • Ta'Vaalor: Kakoon and Nihrvanah
  • Wehnimer's Landing: Hoy, Japhrimel, Ramladu, and Riend
  • Zul Logoth: Frorin
  • Other participants: Stavio, Pereus, Skymare, Ryjex, Daiyon, Fuaru, Myharl, Ohnus, Demianna, Wulfguard, Enestrie, Ueru, Lochlaen


Mini Games

There will be three mini-games, with special prizes that include some unique items and certificates to be redeemed for special services. Any certificate found in the mini-game feeders MUST be redeemed by noon ET on Sunday. Any certificate not redeemed by then will be considered forfeit, and any unclaimed certificate will be distributed before the closing of the festival.

  • Javelin
    • T1 - Nothing. You lose.
    • T2 - Leg
    • T3 - Arm
    • T4 - Chest
    • T5 - Head? (Unconfirmed)
  • Hatchet
  • Dagger
    • T1 - Nothing. You lose.
    • T2 - Centaur
    • T3 - Orc
    • T4 - Rodent
    • T5 - Wyvern


There will be shops! Not just armor and weapons, but also clothing and magic items as well. We'll leave the specifics on those to the shop owners, if they wish to post about them. There will also be merchants to work on your items.

  • Points and Polish - Weapons and Weapon Related
  • Harmony and Dissonance - Instruments and Accessories.
  • A Violet silk Tent - Perfumes
  • Protect and Serve - Morphing Armor


Morphing Armor

"Are you tired of trying to find the right shirt to offset your clunky armor? Or scrambling to change out of that armor and into a nice gown to head to the ball? Wouldn’t you feel safer having that armor with you at all times? Then do we have a product for you.

Mazreth taps a zelnorn breastplate inlaid with an eahnor wyvern that he is wearing.

Mazreth runs his fingers over the surface of his zelnorn breastplate. A soft WHIR accompanies the metallic gnashing of gears as his breastplate transforms into a shimmering crimson aqilorn shirt.

Mazreth taps a shimmering crimson aqilorn shirt that he is wearing.

Stop by Protect and Serve, making its appearance at Festival of the Fallen, for all your armor needs.


  • Morphing Armor
    • Works with Fusion
      • Shirt will not have enhancive properties.
    • Does NOT work with Ithzir
    • Works with Voln
    • Shirt cannot be pocketed.
    • Will have RT while wearing/removing if morphing.

Grobey Shields

Grobey will have a wagon at the festival to sell his regular shields and an updated version. The shields will now work with fusion! He'll be around to add his script (fully unlocked) to existing fusion shields, and regular shields as well.

Signature Verbs

We'll also be distributing one pre-QC'd signature verbs and three custom signature verbs!


I have not posted my services yet, as my schedule is subject to change due to work. I will be raffling common and uncommon flares as well as a custom signature verb. I will post a schedule and more details as soon as I have my work schedule set. ~ GS4-Valyrka

Map of Festival Grounds

Festival of the FallenMap.jpg