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Firelise is a Halfing Scholar who discussed the history of the Chamber of the Dead during the Wonders of Elanthia event.


You see Firelise the Scholar.
She appears to be a Halfling.
She is tiny and appears to be very young. She has long-lashed peridot green eyes and freckled skin. She has shoulder length, very curly ginger hair loosely styled with some silvery winter rose hairjewels scattered throughout. She has a dainty face.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a silver and green feather in her right hand.
She is wearing an arctic fox fur headscarf, an arctic fox fur muffler piped with cobalt-blue silk, a fur-lined cream woolen cloak, a silver-ribbed cobalt blue bodice, a long flowing cream woolen skirt, and a pair of linen fur-lined knee-boots.