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Posted by Nilandia on May 5, 2009.

<<Typical sounds coming from a forest gnome compound..>>

Actually, not quite. Since there was a lot of clothing in the forest gnome pavilion in CCF that I didn't recognize, I tracked down the merchant Tlizal and was able to get some good information from him on it on the first run. Thanks for that, too! I enjoyed talking with you.

You see Artisan Tlizal.
He appears to be a Forest Gnome of the Angstholm Bloodline.
He is quite short and appears to be of full age. He has malachite-rimmed black eyes and tanned skin. He has waist length, straight silver hair threaded with glazed red ceramic beads. He has a broad chest and a solid, muscled neck.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a wide huiteo, an apotl of cross-laid black and green primaries, a rigid sharkskin breastplate, and some knee-length leathern breeches.

Speaking to Tlizal, you ask, "Forgive my curiosity, but your style of clothing is most intriguing. Perhaps you could tell me a little about it?"

Tlizal nods to you.

Speaking hoarsely to you, Tlizal says, "I'm wearing traditional clothing."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "My huiteo..."

Tlizal taps a wide huiteo that he is wearing.

Tlizal hoarsely says, "Is the traditional male head-wrap, for the forest gnome people."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "We usually bead them, and they're marked with our personal glyph, sometimes."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "Our name, you could say, but rendered as a picture."

Tlizal taps an apotl of cross-laid black and green primaries that he is wearing.

Tlizal hoarsely says, "This is my apotl, which I received when I went through my ceremony of manhood."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "Women wear a feathered cloak like this, but theirs is called an apotla."

Tlizal accents the last syllable.

Tlizal hoarsely says, "They're always feathers, and we usually close them with a clasp."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "I'm not wearing a formal apotl clasp though, because I'm not here as an individual."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "I'm here to represent my people."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "Wearing my clasp would indicate I was acting on personal business, or for personal glory."

Tlizal knocks on his breastplate.

Tlizal hoarsely says, "I prefer a square-necked shirt, or a loose tunic, but it isn't practical right now."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "If you see my lady delegate, you'll see that she wears a basrenne in place of a huiteo."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "It's the, um, well, it looks like a piece of braided reed, dangling a gem, right here."

Tlizal taps the middle of his forehead.

Tlizal hoarsely says, "It'd drive me crazy, having it hanging there between my eyes all the time."

Tlizal mumbles something that you don't quite catch.

Tlizal hoarsely says, "She wears the apotla, like I mentioned."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "And under that a loose blouse, or a sleeveless tunic, depending on her age and how comfortable she feels."

Tlizal hoarsely asks, "Our women wear pants, but in formal situations, they wear skirts with lots of, um, poofing?"

Tlizal stumbles over the word.

Tlizal hoarsely asks, "You know, it poofs?"

Tlizal makes a gesture around his legs.

Tlizal hoarsely says, "They like that, the big skirt."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "And to bind the big skirt and the blouse together, they wear a nonalca."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "Which is a wide band of fabric, belted, with a thin chain-link belt overlaying it."

Tlizal hoarsely asks, "They like big skirts, but if you ask me?"

Tlizal hoarsely says, "They like us to know they have waistlines too."

Tlizal winks.

You say, "Indeed."

Koquette says, "It's the proportions that matter."

Koquette glances away.

You say, "My mistress sometimes says that you can wear a big skirt to make it look like you have a smaller waist."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "You'd have to ask my lady delegate, about that."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "So, we're simple people."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "We don't need a lot of fancy fabrics."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "Leather, linen, maybe some silk if we're feeling it."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "Feathers are good. Quills are good."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "Shoes are a hassle."

Tlizal frowns.

Tlizal scratches the back of his neck.

Tlizal hoarsely says, "I dunno, you have any questions? I don't usually talk about this stuff."

You smile.

You ask, "No shoes? Your feet don't get cut?"

Tlizal hoarsely says, "We walk on shells and on the forest floor from, well, from when we can first walk."

Tlizal shows off the tough soles of his feet.

You say, "Ah, I see."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "Where I'm from, if your feet are soft, you're weak."

Tlizal shrugs.

You smile.

You say, "Then apparently a lot of us are weak."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "You wouldn't last on the shores, no."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "But I wouldn't last in your fancy ballrooms."

You say, "Neither would I. I'm still learning."

Speaking hoarsely to you, Tlizal says, "I'd get eaten for dinner by your lot."

Tlizal smirks.

You say, "My mistress is helping to teach me, though."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "It's important to have a good teacher, no matter who you are, I guess."

You nod.

You say, "Very true."

You ask, "You live by the ocean, then? I thought you tended to stay inland more?"

Tlizal hoarsely says, "You're thinking of the Basingstokes."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "We Angstholm, we're water people."

You say, "Oh, I see! Forgive me."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "A nasty piece of work dark elf told me we all look alike."

Tlizal shrugs.

Tlizal hoarsely says, "But."

You say, "I would think that would happen for a number of races when someone else first meets them."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "I should really go get some breakfast."

You chuckle.

You say, "Of course."

You say, "Thank you very much for the clarification."

Tlizal hoarsely says, "Have a good morning."

Tlizal nods.

You say, "And you."

You curtsy to Tlizal.

Artisan Tlizal just went north.