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Author: GM Meraki
Date: 8/13/22

Hey Everybody!

There are a few things about the Forgotten Vineyards hunting ground mechanics that I wanted to give players an opportunity to discover on their own. Now that the initial discovery period is over, I’m going to go ahead and just relay that information to you and have your cartographer add the relevant information as a map update. Perhaps someone can update the wiki?

The hunting ground is indeed split into an upper and lower area. There was some speculation about this. I’m confirming it with additional details:

– The initial entry area is the lower area and can spawn Sorceress (58), Empath (60), Bardess (62)- The area beyond the gate (the literal vineyard) is the upper area and can spawn Bardess (62), Shaman (64) and Rogue (66)

Once spawned, the Empaths and Shaman can 225 from anywhere in the hunting ground to anywhere in the hunting ground. All shan can pass through the gate to wander between the upper and lower areas.

The upper area has one furthertrick to it. For the western half only: During the elanthian night, additional rogues may spawn. During the elanthian day, additional bardesses and shaman may spawn. (For those who can see real room IDs, the western half consists of rooms ending in 26-36).

I hope this additional information/clarification helps in your hunt!