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a dark cloth tent, [Map Room #14], Lich# 23993, go dark tent

In Your Element

[In Your Element -]
Dark cloth has been stretched over rusted iron poles to create the enclosure. The wide spacious area is centered with a blackened firepit, while a bubbling cauldron rests atop the flames. At the far end of the tent is a block of ice encased in a rhimar box, while a frost-edged blackened sign haphazardly dangles from above. A blackened table, with only a lightning rod resting atop it, resides to the right, while to the left is a pile of stones. You also see a blue-eyed Burghal gnome wizard.
Obvious exits: out
frost-edged blackened sign
Welcome to In Your Element! Would you like your weapon imbued with the power of the elements? Or perhaps you've grown tired of the one your weapon already has? Just ASK me about fire, earth, void, cold, or lightning to begin!
>look at blue-eyed Burghal gnome wizard
As you start to examine the wizard, he notices your unwanted attention.  "Nosy," he says contemptuously and moves into a darker area of the tent.

>ask wizard about fire
"Ah, fire: purifying, cleansing, redeeming fire," the wizard says softly, his voice taking on an almost sing-song rhythm and a strange light gleaming in his eyes.  He gazes into the nearby firepit, lost in thought for a moment, before continuing.  "I can imbue a weapon with the spirit of fire so you may cleanse the impurities of your foes."

>ask wizard about cold
"Ah, yes, the freezing blast of an icy blade!  A subtle force is ice, powerful for what it is not," the wizard says in a cracked voice that wanders between mysticism and lunacy.  "I can imbue a weapon with the essence of cold so you may chill the very heart of your foe."

>ask wizard about electric
The wizard gazes deep into your eyes, his rheumy orbs locked with yours.  "You would hold the power of lightning in your hands, would you?" he asks in a soft but penetrating voice.  "Perhaps you are worthy, perhaps.  But you will need to find a weapon fo me to imbue with the spirit of lightning, if you seek to smite your foes as would the gods."

>ask wizard about impact
"Would you wield the power of the earth itself?" the wizard asks, speaking in hushed but fervent tones.  "Strike your foes with the impact of a boulder?  If you wish, I can imbue a weapon with such powers."

>ask wizard about acid
The wizard sighs and says, "Have YOU ever tried transporting a vat of acid halfway across Elanthia?  Too dangerous to do that, not enough money in it  Could I interest you in some nice, safe liquid void instead?"

>ask wizard about pit
The wizard scowls at you and shoos you away from a blackened firepit.  "Don't go near there!" He says firmly, "or you will be consumed by eternal fire.  But in your case, that might be an improvement."

>ask wizard about ice
The wizard says coldly, "That may look like normal ice, but it isn't.  That ice is so cold, it can freeze a weapon to its very core."

>ask wizard about rod
The wizard looks alarmed and in a near-shout says to you, "Don't touch that!  That rod is specially attuned to summon lightning."  He gazes at you contemptuously for a moment before continuing, "Though, perhaps, your prompt demise would make the world better off."

>ask wizard about stones
The wizard rushes to stop you from investigating the pile of stones.  "Don't touch those!" he says, a note of panic rising in his voice.  "You will upset the delicate balance that keeps the earth elementals from escaping!"

>ask wizard about cauldron
The wizard eyes you suspiciously.  "Trying to discover the secret of how I imbue weapons with the void, are you?" he says acridly. "Well it won't work!  You'll just have to pay me to get it done."

>ask wizard about void
"The void attracts, yes?  Quite literally sometimes!  Everything drawn to nothingness eventually.  From dust to nonexistence."  The wizard's eyes roll back, replacing his orbs with veined whites momentarily, until a fit of coughing overtakes him.  When he recovers, he continues, "I can imbue a weapon with the void so you may annoint your enemies with its blessing."