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Tsoran's map
Frozen Battlefield

This category lists all creatures found in the Frozen Battlefield hunting area. The Frozen Battlefield hunting area is nearest to the town of Icemule Trace. It is found on the Tsoran map IMT-east-west-north-gates.

The Frozen Battlefield is located outside the West Gate of the town of Icemule Trace. There are visible traces that a major war took place; however rumors and legends are few and far between.

Landmarks and other information

The trench will protect you from the cold winds that effect much of the environments outside of Icemule Trace. The skeletal ice trolls are found only inside the trench, and frost giants inside and to the north of the trench. Regular ice trolls never venture into the trench. To climb out the trench you need both hands empty except for the westernmost room which allows one handed climbs.


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