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A script is generally a special action associated with an item that is activated by means of a verb. Items which possess scripts are referred to as being scripted or scripted items. This term is considered to be out of character (OOC), and should not be used in-game. A common in-game alternative to scripted is actioned or zested, although whether or not these terms are more or less OOC is up for debate.

Scripts can be ambient (happening without any player-item interaction), or triggered via verb traps. Common verb traps include RUB, TAP, and WAVE. An item will have unique messaging for each of its verb traps.

"Script" can also refer to a complicated mechanical benefit(s) that also works in combination with verb traps. Examples of this include the wand holder of a wand-holding runestaff, rotflares, and Voln armor. These are often referred to as functional scripts.