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RotFlares are a rare type of script flare. They are unusual in that they increase in frequency and severity with necromancy training, do damage over time, and can be added to weapons that already have another script (for many but not all scripts). They are applied to weapons and runestaves.

Release and Availability

Rotflares were released by Skyrn at Ebon Gate 2014. He added rotflares to 5 weapons in Prime through a variety of distribution methods, including a contest for who had the most necromancy ranks and a silent auction. That same event, a +25 RotFlares bastard sword was found while digging.

Rotflares have since been available at multiple runs of Duskruin Arena, either as pre-made weapons, or as a service added on to an existing weapon.


When RotFlares trigger, they do damage from the disruption critical table. For weapons, rotflares flare rates increase at the following thresholds:

Ranks of necromancy Flares Hits Rate
0 15 53 28%
171 100%

Wyrom confirmed that the ranks in the table above are the specific threshold ranks. Also also confirmed that the rank thresholds apply to any profession equally. Years later (2019), we learned from Wyrom that "it uses the same seed as ensorcell." His later comments seemed to suggest that this table was accurate for flare rate, and the ensorcell seed applied to hidden disease damage, but he was not crystal clear about it.

RotFlares also apply a disease to the target, if the target is not already diseased. The disease damage per round is somewhat randomized, and scales with necromancy ranks. With 0 ranks, the disease does about 10 damage per round. With 180 ranks of necromancy, the disease inflicts more like 70 damage per round. This disease first inflicts damage approximately 3 seconds after it is applied, then every 30 seconds thereafter. This disease does not provide messaging when it deals damage.

Finally, RotFlares apply a relatively modest damage-over-time (DoT) effect, separate from the disease effect. Similar to the disease effect, it is applied only if the target is not already under the effect of a RotFlares DoT effect, and it triggers 3 seconds after it is applied. It triggers again every 10 seconds thereafter. The effect is visible, and can cause stuns and knockdowns. It causes roughly 7 damage per trigger on average, and is seemingly not affected by the users' necromancy ranks.

RotFlares applies only to creatures with blood, which is roughly equivalent to non-undead crittable creatures, with some exceptions.

Script Incompatibility

While RotFlares can be applied to most scripted weapons, there are a few scripts that it doesn't function with.