Granite stormhammer

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Originally posted by DUKY1 (Sabreon) 21 March 2005

(Note: at least two different versions of this item exist: "a fel-hafted heavy granite stormhammer" and "a glaes-hafted heavy granite stormhammer". Both were from the Premium Auction in 1998: the first was auctioned off in the tent for 11-30 level characters; the second was auctioned in the tent for 31-60 level characters.)

Glaes-hafted heavy granite stormhammer

  • God Auctioned
  • +15
  • strong Lightning flares
  • Self mana Call Wind. (Which never seems to fail to knock its target down)
  • Self mana Quake-like spell
  • (I was also told a storm spell though I have not activated it yet)


At one end, you see a leather strap wrapped around the base of a six-foot-long glaes haft. At the other end, a large granite block is attached via mithril straps wound several times over. A curious white-blue aura seems to emanate from the very granite itself.


As you sing, a multitude of images flashes through your mind. Slowly, the images seem to focus, and you can make out the details. You see a cluttered workshop atop the snowy peaks of Glatoph. The images shift closer as you make out a giantman slaving over a hot forge.

As you continue to sing, the images refocuses once more. You see a giantman laboriously crafting the heavy granite stormhammer from the raw materials laid out before him. As he works, he is chanting some arcane verses that you can't quite make out.

As you continue to sing, the images refocuses once more. The giantman is inscribing runes of power upon the heavy granite stormhammer. Each rune glows brightly then fades into invisibility.

Your song continues to clarify and focus the images from the past. The giantman blacksmith raises the heavy granite stormhammer and chants an arcane phrase. Flashes of lightning and winds stir all around him. Just at that moment a giant lightningbolt strikes the heavy granite stormhammer and is absorbed into it. The giantman smiles approvingly and begins to polish the heavy granite stormhammer. The images completely fade from your mind.



As you rub the heavy granite stormhammer, it pulses once with an irridescent aura. Crackles of static electricity sparkle upon the heavy granite stormhammer.


You grasp the heavy granite stormhammer firmly by the leathern straps and spin it in front of you. The stormhammer spins faster and faster until it becomes a blur of motion.

As you manipulate your stormhammer, a scintillating silver aura engulfs you. A gust of wind tugs at your sleeves. Suddenly, a fierce wind rips through the area, scattering everything in its path and making it difficult to remain standing.

A kiramon worker is knocked over by the wind. The wind then subsides.

You feel the heavy granite stormhammer drawing mana from you. Roundtime 24 Seconds.

(This is a Mass quake like spell that will strike up to 6 creatures..(Maybe more but never tested that)


You raise the heavy granite stormhammer high in the air and then smash it down upon the ground. A thunderous din rings in your ears as the stormhammer makes contact with the ground throwing dirt and rock everywhere. A shockwave emanates from the epicenter of the stormhammer and ripples outward.

A kiramon worker is overcome by the shockwave.
... 20 points of damage!
Severe low back pain! The kiramon worker gasps.
It is knocked to the ground!
You concentrate on projecting the illusion of a violent quake.
Suddenly, the ground seems steadier.

You feel the heavy granite stormhammer drawing mana from you.
(Forcing stance down to offensive)
Roundtime 23 Seconds.
Roundtime changed to 11 seconds.