Green-banded cabochon bloodstone

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A green-banded cabochon bloodstone is a type of Aldoran healing stone that is used to treat plagues. Its recipe was introduced in 2023 as part of the Nations on the Brink storyline when a plague known as the Green Death was released by Niatha. To use, WAVE the bloodstone at the infected patient. Each bloodstone has 10 uses. A charge is used when the stone is waved at a patient, whether or not they are infected.

Alchemy Recipe

A green-banded cabochon bloodstone
  1. Add crystalline solution
  2. Add dark red-green bloodstone
  3. Add powdered pink salt crystal (Sanctum of Scales gem)
  4. Refract sunlight through a diamond lens
  5. Add blessed water
  6. Add powdered orange imperial topaz (Elven Nations gem)
  7. Add essence of body
  8. Channel lifeforce
  9. Boil

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