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Grocer's is a food shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It has two entrances, one on West Ring Road, one on Winter Street.

[Grocer's, Tidbit Shop] RNUM: 292 and 295
This room contains all sorts of foodstuffs and refreshments to delight the hungry or thirsty adventurer. Smiling young clerks trot past every so often, their faces flushed from the constant exercise. Occasionally, one of the youths grabs an item from behind the wooden counter stretching along one wall, then darts away to serve another customer. You also see a large wicker hamper and a wide door.


  1. a small bottle of milk        7. some clear spring water
  2. a small wicker basket         8. a cup of honeyed herb tea
  3. a wedge of mild goat cheese   9. a flaky croissant
  4. a mug of creamy cocoa         10. a mug of cold winterberry juice
  5. a hearty mutton sandwich      11. a cup of warm winterberry cider
  6. a warm apple cinnamon tart    12. a glass of winterberry brandy

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