Gypsy Newanelle

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Stooped with age, the gypsy is shorter than average for a human of her advancing years.  Deep wrinkles line her face, which is surrounded in a wispy halo of pale white hair.  A triangular shawl of dark blue wool is draped across her shoulders, the color perfectly matching the glittering hue of her bright, round eyes.  The angles of her face and the classical slope of her nose suggest of great beauty in her youth, though exposure to the elements and life on the road has decidedly withered any remaining grace.
She appears to be in good health.
She is wearing a rune-embossed pendulum pouch, a fringed cobalt blue shawl, a silver-boned deep purple bodice over an ecru silk blouse with kerchief sleeves, a wide coin-edged sash, some ankle-length blue and purple paneled skirts with ecru silk petticoats underneath, and a pair of boiled leather sandles.

Most of her questions relate to the symbols, which are described above and not included below.

>ask gypsy about translate
After pondering for several moments, the gypsy says, "Yes, I know the various translations for the patterns that the sands create.  They are, informally named of course: asp, boy, broken, circle, cobra, eagle, girl, hawk, moon, people, scorpion, shackle, spiral, sun, twin, and waterskin.  If you wish to know about them, then just ask me by name and I'll tell you what they mean."

>ask gypsy about pouch
Smiling, the gypsy says, "Ah, yes.  These pouches are made by hand and have a cap at the end of them.  The pouch is shaped like a cone and has a flap covering the top, which is set with a small toggle to that keeps the sands in.  A long strap, which you can wear it around your neck if you want, allows you to hold the pouch aloft and away from your body so that it can swing free when you start your scrying."

>ask gypsy about pattern
Quirking her head to the side, the gypsy says, "Well, you uncap the end of the pouch as you NUDGE, or PUSH, or heck, you can even PROD it into motion.  Once it is moving, you let the sand trickle out until it creates a pattern of sand.  Then you translate the sand."

>ask gypsy about rid
Laughing softly, the gypsy says, "How do you get rid of the pattern?  Why, its just sand!  Take a deep breath and blow it away, or if you don't feel like wasting your breath..."  She pauses dramatically and then chuckles at her own humor.  "Then you can RUB it away."