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The Gypsy Troupe was created in 5099 at the end of an event at Willow Hall when the wandering gypsy Darlita found a band of adventures with the Gift of scrying. Impressed with their talents, she founded the group and joined them together in a bond that would span years. Their numbers had at one point swelled, and then at other times diminished but many of them still believe in the Gypsy Darlita's ways and use her lovely devises.

Troupe of Today

Created under the Player Run Organization system, the Troupe flourishes by offering Fortune Telling Services to adventurers during festivals and events. Fortune Telling, however, is not their only talent as they also offer Constellation Classes, Translation Classes, and sell Scrying Devices through their shop Celestial Wanderings in Solhaven.

Gypsy Symbol

Gypsy Symbol

a cat's-eye moonstone orb nestled upon a small plum pillow

Gypsy Oath

"We vow to respect the gift of foresight, and the Arkati who granted it to us.

"We vow to revere and obey the laws and customs of whatever town or region we are in, and to incite respect and reverence.

"We vow, by our present words and by our future actions, to render Elanthia not less but better and more beautiful than it was before.

"All these things we do freely swear, in the name of whatever each one of us holds sacred in his or her heart."

--Adapted by Nofret Hrist from the oath taken by the young men of Athens at the time of Pericles (5th century B.C.E.)

Gypsy Tenant

One night in our distant past, the Gypsies gathered together in Lady Anghosina's House in Wehnimer's Landing for the first time. Looking around at all of those gathered there, we knew we had found a home for our beloved talents. To preserve the unity we felt we set the task of creating tenants that would match the Directive we all felt. Lady Nofret was the one to formulate them for us and to this day they still stand.

Our Directive The Gypsies of Elanthia are a group of players that share a common talent, we foretell the future. Most of us have been doing this in our lives both in and out of the lands. We have endeavored to bring this joyous talent to you for the purpose of entertainment and enjoyment only. We are under the guidance of Darlita but are by no means favored by her. We rent a wagon to bring these talents to you.

Proposed Tenets of the Gypsy Band of Fortune Tellers

We troupe of gypsies, have banded together for the purpose of offering our skills to the people of Elanthia, so that they may, if they choose, learn what they can about what the Fates have in store for them. We, each of us, offer what skill and knowledge we each posses without regard to profession or race, seeking only to serve the greater whole as we wander the Lands of Elanthia.

Admittance to our band requires much of the person who would choose to join us, as we feel the whole is served best by those truly dedicated to their art.

While we are associated with Madame Darlita, we pride ourselves on being able to maintain and practice our arts without undo assistance. We hone our skills to such point as we are able to read fortunes anywhere in the Lands.

Therefore, we set down the following tenets for ourselves:

  • We exist to offer our skills and will not be unduly rude to anyone desiring our services. Those waiting patiently for their turn will be treated with kindness and consideration. Any outright rudeness by a troupe member to a client will be cause for review of the case by three gypsy judges.
  • We will not turn away any client, although a client may choose to ask a particular member to tell a fortune should there be more than one gypsy in the room at any one time.
  • We will accept tips for our services, realizing that the wealth of individuals varies widely. We will not be rude to a person because they do not tip as much as the next may.
  • We will respect the skills of our brethren gypsies and not publicly contradict an interpretation of a fortune that is given by another of our band, for each of us has out own special gift. If advice is asked for in interpretation, it may be given publicly or privately as the circumstance dictate.
  • We will respect that our brethren have scheduled a time for telling fortunes and will not attempt to read fortunes ourselves unless invited by the member who has schedule that slot.
  • We will strive to maintain our characters and not needlessly chatter aloud of other world concerns
  • We will, to the best of our ability, strive to be present for meetings and be on time for events. Repeated failure to inform the chair of a meeting or event that one cannot attend may cause a review of the case by three gypsy judges.
  • We understand that our positions and participation are voluntary, however communication is vital to our plans and if otherworldly concerns keep us from our troupe it is only polite to inform the rest of our dilemma.
  • We will maintain what is discussed amongst ourselves, between ourselves, realizing that because of the nature of majik and because we respect the right of each member to their opinion, confidentiality is required.
  • We will agree that any fortune telling items granted by Madame Darlita are a privilege and not a right. We also realize that Madame Darlita keys the magic of such items to each of us and attempts to give away or sell such items will cause them to crumble.
  • We will use such items ONLY during scheduled events. Use of such items outside events is strictly prohibited.
  • We agree to pay Madame Darlita ten percent of our tips for the use of her wagon.

Prospective Members:

A prospective member of our troupe will read, understand and follow the tenets we set down here:

  • The proposed new member must demonstrate the following traits: skill in fortune telling, courtesy, patience, and consideration to all people regardless of profession or race.
  • The proposed new member shall be interviewed by at least two Gypsies and demonstrate a method or methods of fortune telling. The proposed new member may use any items suited to fortune telling that they wish.
  • Examples of items include, but are not limited to, such things as runes, cards, sticks, orbs, tea leaves, bones or crystals.
  • Because of troupe member availability to be present in-lands, it will also be acceptable for one member to log an interview and present it via e-scroll to all other members. With a troupe vote the prospective member may be granted apprenticeship in the band.
  • The proposed new member, upon demonstration of such skills and temperament will gain the title Apprentice.
  • The Apprentice will be added to the general mailing list and receive missives concerning meetings and fortune telling events.
  • The Apprentice will tell fortunes at at least two events under the guidance of a member Gypsy so that they can be evaluated and given advice as necessary.
  • Once the Apprentice has demonstrated skill with handling clients and skill with telling fortunes, he or she will be voted on by the Gypsies and told the results of the vote with all due haste.
  • Voting may either happen in-Lands or via e-scroll.
  • If two Gypsies state and give good evidence why either a proposed new member or existent Apprentice should not be admitted into the Band their application will be terminated. The proposed new member or Apprentice may reapply after six months if they so choose.
  • An Apprentice who is voted into the Band of Gypsies is eligible for any item Madame Darlita may choose to supply.

Gypsy Judges

  • If at any time there is substantiated cause for concern about any troupe member's actions a review panel of three Gypsy judges will be gathered to rend a verdict on the particular case.
  • The members of the panel will rotate their positions amongst the total members of the troupe.

Gypsy Meetings

  • Any full member of the troupe may call a meeting.
  • General meetings will be announced at least a week before they will take place and a reminder notice sent to all the day before the meeting will take place
  • Emergency meetings may be called by any member, realizing that because of short notice not all may be able to attend.
  • Business of the troupe may be discussed and settled via e-scroll due to the varied schedules of troupe members.

Guardians of the Gypsies

The Gypsies of Elanthia are a group of individuals who are gifted with the “Sight” and offer free to all their ability to Foretell. It is our duty, as their Guardians, to ensure their safety at all times. While the Gypsies, hereto referred to as Our Wards, must needs answer their call to scry, it is our duty to defend them, as they are unable to when bound to their foresworn duty of foretelling.


Symbol of Guardians

A silhouetted chimera symbol

Darkly pigmented, this silhouetted creature bears three heads wrapped in a loose banner of deep plum; a gapping beaked hawk, a crested dragon, and a horned goat. Meeting the body of a horse, which is reared back on its hind legs with its front legs pawing at the open air, the trio of heads stares ahead with piercing eyes. Enormous wings spread from the back of the body to arch in a downward sweep that brushes the long, sinuous lion’s tail as it encircles a cat’s-eye crystal ball.

Read ~ To Watch, To Listen, To Defend

The Guardian Oath

We the Guardians of the Gypsy Troupe do hereby swear:

To defend our Wards against any physical harm.

To respect the confidentiality of any information obtained in the course of our professional relationship with our Wards.

To affirm that our protective actions are based on the needs of our Wards and take priority over all other matters.

To ensure and maintain the peace of all gatherings of our Wards.

To at all times maintain the positive image of the Gypsy Troupe, and never use force unless absolutely necessary in the defense of our Wards.

Written by Charna Ja'Varrel' Kav before the first Conclave of the Gypsies.

Guardian Tenants

We are united under the Gypsy banner so that our Wards may freely use their sight, and therefore are charged with finding and maintaining a peaceful atmosphere for our Wards to work within.

We are charged with the care and well being of our Wards should they fall Ill as a side effect of their ability to use their “Sight”.

We are charged with the defense of our Wards should any wish them Ill, and to never leave their side.

We are charged with ensuring our Wards remain untouched by any client while they are using their gifts of “Sight”.

We are charged with being ever vigil, ever watchful, and ever silent while our Wards work with their clients.

We are charged with the defense and guardianship of our Wards, who are defenseless during their use of their “Sight”.

We will ever be respectful of our Wards, and the gifts that they use.

We will always be prompt, well groomed, and in good health for each assigned duty so that we may always be able to offer our Wards the utmost of care.

We will always be respectful of all and any clients that our Wards may have, as they must use their “Sight” for all and any that request it. As such, we will always place our personal feelings for our Ward’s clients to the side so that we can better guard fulfill our Duties.

We will maintain guardianship over our assigned Ward no matter their deeds or actions while using their “Sight”, if for any reason at the end of the assignment we find that we can no longer Guard our assigned Ward, we are given the right to request a re-assignment.

We understand that our Wards are a neutral party and as such are separate from all political and worldly influence. We swear to keep them safe from the manipulations of groups that would seek to steer them from their path of neutrality, and remind them of their duties to their “Sight”.

We swear to ensure that ALL Wards of the Guardians have one of our Ranks at their side at all times to the limit of our abilities and powers.