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First In - Last Out

Willow Hall is a Co-operative Houses of Elanthia located just south of Wehnimer's Landing. It is oriented towards rangers and those of like mind.

Officer Roster
Title Officer Name Position
Willow Guardian Lehon Chair
Branch Guardian Starkitty Co-Chair
Auditor Augustinia Secretary
Scroll Keeper Gelfander Co-Secretary
Chancellor Rasti Treasurer
Senechal Dendum Co-Treasurer
Concierge Astenniall

Messages and Meetings

A message from the officers of Willow Hall: Effective Tilamaires 7, 5122. Willow Hall meetings will be held on the first and third Feastday (Saturdays), monthly, at 8:30 pm. Guests are always welcome. Bring a friend. The safest of journeys for everyone.


Name Location Lich # Locker
Willow Lodge - Icemule Icemule Trace 29802 Go Tapestry
Willow Hall (Main) Wehnimer's Landing 13037
Sylvarraend Tree House Elven Nations 674 Pull Trapdoor/ Turn Branch

Bylaws, Charter, and Joining Information

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We are a hall dedicated to Rangerish ideals, the love of nature, and the lore of living things. We recognize these ideals live within the hearts of all races, cultures and professions and welcome those who espouse these ideals to our abode. We seek to impart knowledge of our surroundings and lend our talents to those who seek to become proficient in our combined lores. We welcome diversity and endeavor to coexist with all nature and it's [sic] surroundings. We also dedicate ourselves to protecting the lands in which we roam.


The Willow Hall shall be a democratic house, with all members voting on key issues. The Chairman will break all ties and control the agenda for issues to be brought before a vote. The elected officers of the House may overturn any of the Chairmans decisions with a majority vote.


Each officer is the established officer for life. An officer may be asked to step down if not fulfilling his position requirements, or may step down on his own choice. Unfilled positions will be appointed by the Chairman until the time an election can be held.

An election will be held as soon as possible to fill vacant positions.



Name: The name of this officially recognized House of Elanthia is Willow Hall, hereinafter referred to as the "House."


Membership Services: The following benefits follow the guidelines as set forth by the local government unless otherwise noted. (Gemstone IV Houses of Elanthia Part I Revision 2.2:Services)

  1. Benefit of being an organization
  2. Coat of Arms (there will be a registered coat of arms, see Appendix A)
  3. Storage Facilities

1. There will be a standard-sized locker assigned to each member with a standard account in the House or the House Annex in the town where his or her public locker would otherwise reside; and a premium-sized locker assigned to each member with a premium account in the House and in each Annex of the House.

2. There will be a supply room available for all members for storage of weapons, herbs and other items.

3. An outdoor node.

4. Workshop -- A workshop will be available for our House Enchanters.

5. A hot tub will be available for our members enjoyment.


Membership and Dues

1. Membership in this House is contingent on compliance with requirements specified in these bylaws

2. Membership is restricted by minimum membership standards as set forth by the local government (Gemstone IV Houses of Elanthia Part 1 Revision 2.2: Membership)

3. Membership is unrestricted by consideration of profession, nationality, culture, life-style, sex or age.

4. Categories of membership in this House are general member, lifetime member and founding member.

  1. General member: A member who has met minimum House and government standards for membership. A general member is required to pay dues, if house dues are instituted.
  2. Lifetime member: A member who has paid a one-time sum and is not required to pay dues.
  3. Founding member: An original member who joined together with other original members before construction began.

5. Initiation

  1. Before induction a player must have read and agreed to the GemStone IV House System.
  2. Before induction, a player must have read and agreed to the House Bylaws set forth here.
  3. Before induction of a player, the officers performing the induction will ensure that the player has read and understood the House Bylaws and the GemStone IV House System and is in agreement with the policies set forth in those articles.

6. Termination

1. The Chairman may terminate a membership for failure to meet membership requirements as stated above, provided the member was offered an opportunity to have a hearing, if requested, at which the member was permitted to defend against the termination.
1. A hearing to consist of the Chairman, a quorum of the officers and those members that can attend.
1. A quorum shall be defined as a majority of the officers.
2. Before a hearing is conducted a mailing to all members will be made with minimum of one-week notice.
3. The hearing will be conducted by the President of Judges.
2. If terminated, a member may be allowed to rejoin by the Chairman after demonstrating eligibility for membership.

7. Dues

  1. An initial membership offering as stipulated by the local government (currently 25,000 silvers) applies to all members initiated
  2. Dues of some amount may be instituted by a vote of the membership and will be payable, if instituted, monthly.
  3. Lifetime membership may be purchased for 5,000,000 silvers payable to the treasurer at any time, subject to approval by the Chairman.
  4. Monthly dues are not required by lifetime members.
  5. Dues, if instituted, will be collected by the House Clerk of the local government.
  6. General members will be notified when dues are required via the dues system, if instituted.
  7. General members who cannot meet their dues or will not be around must make arrangements with the Chairman in advance to avoid automatic termination.



1. Membership contributions to GENERAL FUNDS will be considered donations to the House.

1. Purpose of GENERAL FUNDS:
1. The General Funds can be drawn upon by the Treasurer for House expenses, House entertainment (parties), loans, etc.
2. Members are not required to contribute to GENERAL FUNDS.
3. Contributions do not entitle a member to special privileges.
4. Contributions will not be accepted in lieu of loan repayments.


Rules and Regulations:

1. A Parliament may be formed from the standing officers and general members of Willow Hall for the purpose of revising Bylaws or to address issues regarding non-compliance to the Bylaws. The President of the Parliament will be the Co-Chairman of the House or, should the Co-Chairman be unable to serve in this capacity, an elected member of the Parliament will serve.

2. If a revision of the Bylaws is made and approved by a 2/3-majority vote of the officers, it will be placed before the general membership for a vote where a simple majority will make the decision to implement the Bylaws revision.

3. The Parliament will decide what constitutes non-compliance with these Bylaws. The Co-Chairman/President of the Parliament will notify the Chairman of the situation, and advice the Chairman on action to take. If there is a discrepancy, the President of Judges will make the final decision.


Eligibility for Private Rooms

1. The Willow Hall had a limited number of private rooms decorated for use by certain members.

2. Due to such a limited number of private rooms, these Bylaws establish the following policies:

1. If a private room becomes available, the Chairman will put the room up for petition. Members will petition for the room. After suitable time, the Chairman will meet with the officers and vote on the petitioners. At such time, the winner of the vote will be notified and given the key to the room, if a key is available. In honor of the founding members, the name of the room and its dcor will remain the same.
2. Once a member has moved into a private room, it belongs to that member for as long as he or she resides in town, remains a member in good standing, and at the discretion of the House.
3. Private rooms become available under the following conditions:
1. If the person assigned to the room is no longer a member of the House;
2. If the person assigned to the room should leave town for an extended period of time, then the officers reserve the right to reassign the room to someone else.


Joining is a four-step process:

1. Send in the survey, located at the bottom of this document. This will let us enter a few pertinent facts about you in our rolls. Your e-mail address will not be distributed except to the Hall staff. You will also find a application form on our website.

2. Attend some meetings. This way we can watch you, to see how well we will get along, and you can watch us, to see if you really want to get involved with the Ranger way, as practiced by Willow Hall's members.

3. Request an interview. After a few meetings, contact the Inquisitor or one of our judges to arrange for an interview. They will meet with you for a face-to-face talk and determine whether you will go on to the fourth step. Here's a suggestion: Be very familiar with the contents of the Willow Hall Member's Handbook.

4. The final step. Your name will be submitted to our Willow Guardian, Lehon (willow-hall-officers@googlegroups.com) who, along with the other officers, will make the final determination of your (and our) compatibility. Following this, your name will be announced to the Membership as an Active member and you will be inducted into the Hall.

New Member Survey:
Full Name:
Non-ranger skills you have (delete others): Locks Scrolls Wands
Societies (optional - delete other): Voln Council of Light Guardians of Sunfist
What skills would you like to develop?
What activities would you participate in?
What would you like Willow Hall to do for you?
What can you do to help Willow Hall?
Any additional comments?