Gypsy fortuneteller

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The gypsy fortuneteller is an NPC from Wehnimer's Landing who warned adventurers to be wary of those who would offer them great power.

Behind the Scenes


>look fortuneteller
You see a woman of human descent, dark olive complected.  She has long black hair past her waist.  She is garbed in a loose-fitting robe the color of deep twilight.  Dainty feet adorned with leather sandals peek out from beneath her robe.

Deep green eyes stare unflinchingly into yours.  You become aware that she is looking somehow past your outer self and into your soul.  Hastily you blink and look away abashed, unable to hold her gaze for long.  You sense she has seen farther and deeper than is common among mortals and you speculate as to what she knows.

She has a small pouch at her waist and in it, you can see many items for divining the ways of Fate.  Cards and coins, feathers and notched sticks and other less recognizable items.


>give fortuneteller 50 silvers
The fortuneteller looks at the silver in your hand and says, "Do not seek to buy the future so cheaply lest your reward be as impoverished as your offering!"
The fortuneteller glances at you and moves out of your reach.

>give fortuneteller 100 silvers
The gypsy fortuneteller takes your silver and pockets it.
The gypsy fortuneteller then spreads her cloak upon the ground and sits gracefully, tucking her dainty feet demurely under her hem.
She gazes into your eyes for a moment and then she rapidly shuffles a deck of strangely patterned cards.  From time to time one card leaps out almost of its own will and flutters onto the cloak and she pauses to examine it carefully.

After several cards have done this, she stops and gazes intently at the pattern they form in front of her.

The gypsy fortuneteller says to you, "Be wary of those offering great power, for blood and pain and sorrow may be their price."

Message Delivery

>give message to fortuneteller
The fortuneteller takes your message, looks at it and holds it up to check the seal.  Satisfied, she says to you, "I knew you would be coming with this.  I have seen you in my cards.  A noble destiny awaits you if you persevere and remain loyal to yourself."

She continues in a soft voice, "All money is as ashes in the wind, but in this life great store is set by it, so I will reward you in the custom of the time."

With that, she hands you some silvers and traces a symbol of blessing in the air then raises a hand in farewell.

Room Messaging

A mysterious woman arrives. By her garb, you deem her a wandering teller of fortunes. Her green eyes glitter with an unusual light.

A gypsy fortuneteller arrives and sees you, she speaks, "You will soon lose much money to a thief, be wary."

The gypsy fortuneteller smiles at you and whispers, "I know many things unseen."

The gypsy fortuneteller tosses a small feather in the air and studies the path it takes.

The gypsy fortuneteller gazes at you intently, she shakes her head at something you cannot see and makes an odd sign in the air.

The gypsy fortuneteller gazes deep into your eyes and smiles with secret knowledge.

The gypsy fortuneteller tosses some oddly shaped coins in the air and stoops down to concentrate on the patterns they show to her.