Hagga the Bone Witch

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This is a GM storyline that took place in the Platinum Instance during 2009. The official title is unknown.

Hagga the Bone Witch

Hagga was a reiver bone-witch, and she began to seek for the bones of Doron in Wehnimer's Landing, but did not know where he fell. In seeking this information she sent minions to invade, and also on occasion captured victims whom she took to her hut in Luinne Bheinn, and marked on the throat as hers.

Naturally this taking and marking of peoples' friends tended to anger them and Hagga's minions did nothing to endear her with the populace either. Many battles were fought and Hagga died rather often. Unfortunately she wouldn't stay dead. Her corpse would disappear into vapor and she would reappear, strong as ever, in another location.

Other reivers came to visit--the reivers themselves seemed of split mind on Hagga and some folk of the Landing tried to get them to turn against Hagga but without great success.

Eventually a plan was devised to use misinformation and lure Hagga to what she believed to be the spot of Doron's death. As part of the plan, Hagga was disarmed of her staff. It had been discovered that Hagga's staff was the source of her power to recover herself from death. Deprived of her staff, Hagga's life finally came to an end when she was killed and the Landing knew peace once again.


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