Haggard matron

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Haggard matron
Town Solhaven
Gender female
Job recruiter
Affiliation(s) Council of Light

This NPC wanders around Solhaven. She is the "recruiter" for the Council of Light. By lingering in the same room with her long enough she will eventually rant about the Council of Light to you, whereupon you may then join if you wish.


The matron has obviously seen better days.  Her frock is an ugly floral pattern, very dirty and heavily patched.  Her eyes seem to wander off in different directions frequently.  She is also an olfactory nightmare, with a strong, pungent odor that can be detected from great distances.  Her unshod feet are covered in a thick coating of grime.

Ambient Scripts

  • The haggard matron mutters something inaudible, glaring all around in irritation. With an annoyed heave she gets to her feet, then brushes off her tattered frock.
  • A haggard matron narrows her eyes angrily. With a muttered curse she turns towards you, then stops and spits at your feet! Making a sign to ward off evil, the matron scowls and backs away slowly.
  • A haggard matron sits down and begins picking at her toenails.
  • A haggard matron reaches under her frock and scratches. Her nails make a distinct rasping sound as they scrape away at her unwashed flesh.
  • A haggard matron makes a low rumbling sound and the air all around her is suddenly filled with a powerful odor. She chortles quietly to herself and picks a bit of gristle from her teeth.
  • A haggard matron looks over the area and grunts in annoyance.
  • A haggard matron hikes up her tattered frock and scratches at a corpulent thigh.