Half-Elven Songs/Old Rock Sings

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Old Rock Sings is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

Old Rock Sings

Songbirds flutter through the sky.
Here beneath an oak, I lie.
Roots and ferns curl all around,
A peaceful blanket for the ground.
Here am I, a simple stone
All alone. All alone.

Night and day will pass me by.
Here beneath an oak I lie.
None will stop to look at me.
Naught but cold rock would they see.
Here I lie upon the hill--
Silent still. Silent still.

A young girl came to look at me,
Giggling with her fantasy--
"These ridges are like eagle wings!"
She laughed, as girls do at such things.
Never will a dead stone fly.
Pass me by. Pass me by.

Then she brushed away the sand
And took this dull rock in her hand--
Tucked a stone into her skirt
Regardless of the grime and dirt.
As she ran, the world danced by,
Earth and sky. Earth and sky.

She made me her good luck charm,
Vowed I'd keep her from all harm.
I, a stone, to ward off ill?
All rocks do is to be still.
Never did I understand
In her hand. In her hand.

Years flowed by with laughing grace.
I memorized her smile, her face,
The way, in thought, she turned her head--
And then, so swiftly, she was dead.
Nevermore will still stones fly,
Rocks don't die. Rocks don't die.

Who knew she took me from a hill
Beneath an oak, by songbird's trill?
I did not see, it was too fast
When I was filled with grief so vast.
They put me back from whence I came
Full of shame. Full of shame.

The memory of her laughing voice
Still brings my spirit to rejoice--
Her hair was gold as autumn leaves
Which mothering earth softly receives.
They'd laugh, the songbirds high above--
A rock in love. A rock in love.

How far above, the branches seem--
A rock was never meant to dream.
I will recall her shining eyes
Till death ignites the very skies.
Till all that is, is at an end,
I'll miss my friend. I'll miss my friend.

So, bard, be kind, and still your voice,
And put me down, and make the choice
To leave me with my memory,
As still as only rocks can be.
Lay me down in fern-fronds deep.
Let me sleep. Let me sleep.