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Category: Races of Elanthia
Topic: Half-Elves
Message #: 735
Author: GS4-ZYLLAH
Date: 12/28/2008 4:38:16 AM

Well evidently the half-elf verbs are released! Oops, I hadn't realize, heh. We were using many of the same verbs as the Erithians, so they all had to be rolled in to get the Erithian verbs live. So half-elves may now rejoice in their specialness as outcasts!

Half-elves can choose to use racial-specific messaging for:


Use VERB INFO to get details on the messaging available to see if you'd like to use the default messaging or the half-elf messaging for each one. (Each verb needs to be set individually.)

POSE is a bit different than the others. Half-elf messaging is based on culture selection for your character.

If you're not the sulky or cowering type, try a good sneer to get your point across!

Discussion of the new verb messaging can take place in the half-elf folder in the race category.

Yay for half-elves!


p.s. You'll notice that some of the verbs like SULK, POSE, and SNEER don't have half-elf messaging for all the available target options. That's the part that I was still working on and will eventually still be added. In the meantime the default messaging that everyone gets is being used.