Halfling Folk Sagas

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Ahaegin says, "I will now tell you about the Roots of the "Halfling Folk Sagas"

Sahaegin says, "Since the halflings had, at the time of the Great War of Undead, no written language, they sang their hereditary tales to assuage their remorse at the necessity of being away from their families and ancestral lands for long, harsh years."

Sahaegin says, "Members of other races, hearing the beautiful songs performed in neighboring camps, listened avidly to the skillful tribal singers."

Sahaegin says, "Thus, Others (as the halflings called all who were not of the Truefolk) began to remember and learn the songs."

Sahaegin says, "Finally, years later a collected body of music known as the 'Halfling Folk Sagas' were scribed to parchment by the elf Norl Farar, a work that has enjoyed widespread appreciation and popularity through the years since the Great War."