Halflings and the Undead War

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Sahaegin says, "I will now speak of Halfling and the Undead War"

Sahaegin says, "After the disastrous Battle of ShadowGuard, emissaries from Ta'Faendryl were sent to seek out and recruit the fierce tribes of mounted halflings inhabiting the Northern Steppes."

Sahaegin says, "Although the halflings were suspicious of the tall visitors, ancient custom demanded that they receive guests with a hospitable, though also wary and standoffish, welcome."

Sahaegin says, "They listened to the Faendryl, and after much discussion, the three tribes (the Trinity of Truefolk as they called themselves) finally agreed to ride south as allies to House Faendryl."

Sahaegin says, "The halflings arrived in the aftermath of ShadowGuard, and were put to the test against the heinous hordes following Despana."

Sahaegin says, "For years they stood with the Elven forces, their own numbers dwindling as the battles took their toll."

Sahaegin says, "As the united forces of the Elven Nations regrouped for the final onslaught at Maelshyve, the remnants of the Trinity of Tribes gathered themselves."

Sahaegin says, "By this time some were afoot, having lost their mounts to the hordes of orcs and ghouls swarming around the horse warriors."

Sahaegin says, "The formation of mounted halflings advanced into the fray, their flanks guarded by a company of their brethren on foot."

Sahaegin says, "Losses were heavy as the day passed."

(Sahaegin sighs and then fixes her eyes on the distance.)

Sahaegin says, "Then the unexpected occurred."

Sahaegin says, "The Faendryl unleashed their hidden power, leaving the exhausted forces to watch the carnage as demons ravaged their foes."

Sahaegin says, "One might think the battered halflings would have welcomed the sight of their enemies' demise."

Sahaegin sighs.

Sahaegin says, "One might think the battered halflings would have welcomed the sight of their enemies' demise."

Sahaegin sighs.

Sahaegin says, "However, witnessing the flight of demons summoned by their supposed Faendryl friends and allies, the halflings were horrified."

Sahaegin says, "As the day ended, effectively concluding the years-long conflict, the disheartened halflings called a Trine to resolve their difference of opinion in the aftermath of the bloody day."

Sahaegin says, "A faction of the group was stricken at the very concept of having been allied with 'demon summoners'. "

Sahaegin says, "They felt they could never return to the Shirelands to face their families. They argued that they would forever carry the guilt of fighting for the army that loosed such a travesty on the land and all her bounty."

Sahaegin sighs.

Sahaegin says, "Others were weary and wished only to return to die in the Shirelands, hence allowing their souls to find and be reunited with family and loved ones who had gone before them."

Sahaegin says, "For it was Tribal belief that should a Truefolk die in lands far away, they were doomed after death to wander endlessly, searching for those they had loved during their lifetime."

Sahaegin says, "It was this belief that made the act of not returning to their families -- advocated by the halflings who wrestled with the horror conceived at the birth of the demons -- the supreme sacrifice."