Hazy silver potion

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A hazy silver potion was the remedy to the ill effects from the stat-enhancing purple potion sold by an Aelotoi sect during the summer of 2007. Anyone who drank the purple potion later became ill, falling down and even dying. The illness was also spread through healing an infected person.

The storyline coincided with the release of Alchemy, but was not a release event. The GMs running the storyline were just like, "Hey, this might be neat!" and made the cure an alchemy recipe.

Alchemy Recipe

A hazy silver potion
  1. Add water
  2. Add 3 doses of ground haphip root
  3. Add 3 doses of powdered lump of grey ambergris (sol and river rest area)
  4. Add 4 doses of glowing firefly (solhaven)
  5. Boil
  6. Add 3 doses of giant glowing toadstool (zul logoth)
  7. Add Elanthian snow rose (landing)
  8. Add soft blue griffin feather from storm griffins (skull temple)
  9. Alchemy Simmer
  10. Add powdered rock crystal (landing)
  11. Add 2 doses of essence of vitality (landing)
  12. Add moonlight-infused aelotoi tears (icemule empath guild)