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The Hedgerows is a Premium home neighborhood located on the west side of Kharam Dzu on Teras Isle. The original owner left instructions in his will that the grounds would be kept as a living natural museum for all to enjoy.

Of Note


The neighborhood node is located in Hedgerow Gardens just through the florid arch at the main entrance.


Just north of the arch inside Hedgerow Gardens are several flower beds. The flowers can be picked using the PLUCK verb.

>pluck bush
You just picked yourself a delicate rose.

Available flowers:

  • a large gardenia from a gardenia bed
  • a petite carnation from a carnation bed
  • a bright daisy from a daisy plant
  • a delicate rose from a rose bush
  • a delicate orchid from an orchid plant

These flowers can also be PLUCKed to remove their petals.

>pluck my daisy
Idly, you pull the petals off your daisy and drop them, one by one, to the ground. With a careless flick of the wrist you toss the bare stem aside.