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Heliodors are yellow variants of the beryl gem.

List of Heliodors

Note: The rarities listed are estimates and depend on the status of the treasure system in the area hunted. Average values listed are approximations and are generally taken from the sell values of a character selling gems with no trading bonus. See the Trading article for more information on variations of sell values.
Average value: 400-600
Location: Elven Nations

a pale yellow heliodor

Description:   This lopsided chunk of stone has the same distinctive, pale yellow color as the eyes of a cat in the moonlight. It is difficult to be certain of the crystal's original appearance beneath the cracks and damage that cover most of its surface, but one cleanly fractured surface reveals the beauty of its translucent heart.

Average value: 750
Location: Hinterwilds

a vibrant titian heliodor

Description:   Deeper and more complex in hue than most heliodors, the gemstone is a scintillating red-orange that makes it look as if it were plucked from the heart of a raging inferno. Though uncut, the stone's shine is brilliant, ambient light winking from its natural facets in fiery hues.