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Hexah'Jing is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

The information below was shared by Kiyonna, a researcher living amongst the Iyo on the Isle of Four Winds. These documents were stolen from the Mist Harbor Library some years back, but have since been returned, and they are on file there.

Sleep well, sleep calm

Most Precious of the people

Let ocean breezes chase away

Thoughts of fire and ash

Hexah'Jing sleeps, his fire dormant

Expel thoughts of fiery rain and lakes of lava

Breathe cool air and be at peace

The Ancient Filth is far and still

Sleep easy, breathe light

Most Precious of the people

Worry not your mind with thoughts of fire

Rest peacefully the night through

~Rough translation of an Iyo lullaby by Palorus Leiffen

Before there was anything, there was Hexah'Jing, and it birthed flame into the dawn of the world, a white-hot grain of sand in the wheels of creation, scorching all it touched.

Hexah'Jing burned the world in its infancy, then claimed the inferno-lashed realms as its own while others of its ilk went about the business of crafting a world. Plants and animals were formed and flourished, but anything... beast, tree, flower, insect... that found its way to Hexah'Jing was incinerated. And so it was, and so it remains, but the hour draws to a close.

The Seal shall crumble. Hexah'Jing, the Ancient Filth, will rise once more to scorch the world.

~Iyo Prophecy, as dictated to K.L. Syl, Head Archivist

Hexah'Jing has been classified as a "Great" Elemental, though whether its core is one of Fire or Lava is unclear, given that there have been no actual sightings of the being itself in recent history. Almost the entirety of the available information is anecdotal, taken from folk tales and fables, but there is some uniformity in the details, and enough evidence has come to light to confirm both the existence of the being, and an approximate estimate of its power (Evidence Index #9b.3).

Hexah'Jing is believed to have its realm far beneath the Isle of Four Winds, and there are any number of cautionary stories told regarding the fate of those who find themselves there, though there is no indication of how one might travel there. Most of the stories agree that the great mountain at the center of the Isle will explode when Hexah'Jing arises, and the fact that there are no records of any eruptions to date merely indicates that it has not yet turned its attention towards the surface. In the interest of accuracy, extensive field research yielded no evidence of any prior eruptions, though fluctuations in the temperature of the ground lining the sides of the mountain clearly indicate the presence of magma beneath the surface (Evidence Index #9b.3a).

One other detail the stories agree on is that Hexah'Jing is not dormant, and a number of details have been uncovered to lend credence to this, but it does appear to be stationary. Extreme caution should be taken by any who venture to the Isle, but there does not appear to be an active threat, therefore this file is classified as 'Green', per standards.

~From the notes of K.L. Syl, Head Archivist