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Category: Quests/Sagas/Events
Topic: Ebon Gate Festival
Message #: 20929
Date: 9/2/2010 4:44:57 AM
Subject: Hiding Sheaths from EG 2005

Per a recent player suggestion, the beltworn sheaths now can be hidden by knee-breeches, and the ankleworn sheaths can now be hidden by half-boots. A full list of working nouns follows.

Beltworn sheaths work with the following: pants, skirt, trousers, breeches, britches, leggings, galligaskins, kilt, greatkilt, moggans, chausses, pantaloons, slacks, wrap skirt, shorts, overalls, knee-breeches, skirts, nanjir, kanjir.

Ankleworn sheaths work with the following: boots, cothurns, gillies, moccasins, buskins, knee-boots, yatane, half-boots, thigh-boots, ankle-boots, jackboots.

Wristworn sheaths work with the following: chemise, blouse, shirt, tunic, dress, gown, longcoat, coat, jacket, surcoat, greatcoat, overcoat, cossack, cossock, cotehardie, doublet, gambeson, kirtle, robe, bliaut, smock, houppelande, surtout, mantelet, longcloak, cote, atanika.

GM Emeradan